63: Jacky Wasserman on ethical fashion and veganism


In the first part of this information packed episode, we answer a business related question from one of our listeners. Sheria wanted to know our thoughts on turning a passion into a career, and starting a podcast based around animal welfare. We couldn’t be more supportive, being animal lovers ourselves, and share our best entrepreneurial tips. We’re planning a training program to teach you how to market and monetize your podcasts — look out for this in the future!

Someone who has already turned her passion into her career is our guest, founder of BEETxBEET, DJ and vegan, Jacky Wasserman. Jacky became a vegan four years ago after watching Forks for Knives and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, two films we highly recommend!!  After finding out the truth about factory farming, she knew she couldn’t contribute to that industry anymore.

A graphic designer by trade, Jacky started up her business after she failed to find fashionable vegan clothing for herself.  Her clothing aims to raise awareness about important topics that need a voice. Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry, and Jacky wants BEETxBEET to be different.  With slogans like, “It’s not you, it’s meat,” & “Hell No GMO”  She incorporates her ethical values into her work; BEETxBEET clothing will soon be 100% organic and sustainably made.  There’s a lot going on in this episode, with topics ranging from sustainable shopping to alkaline water.  Jacky’s inspiring story reminds us of the importance of following your passion in life, and that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Jacky Wasserman’s Bio

Founder Jacky Wasserman is a graphic designer, vegan and DJ living in Los Angeles. No stranger to fun, she came up with BEETxBEET as a playful way to bring together her life’s passions: design, food and music.  All it takes is one step at a time to make a difference and we can do it together.


Jacky Wasserman’s Links

Website: beetxbeet.com







Our Favorite Moments:

@25:35 Banging the drum

@32:50 You’ve probably never heard this tip for organic shopping

@33:21 The sticker is the truth!

@43:55 Tips to alkalize your water (without expensive equipment)

@47:38 Go nude


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