62: Megan Lawson on eating clean and detoxing from birth control


Megan was shocked when she found out Subway put chemicals in their bread. This scary news story sparked her research into the food industry and she soon discovered that most of the foods she’d eaten throughout her life were loaded with toxic chemicals and additives. “I used to think I was eating healthy!” she exclaimed. After a 40 day challenge where she ate no processed food, she felt too good to go back to her old eating habits. She went from depressed and lethargic, to happier and more energetic. Watching the movie Forks over Knives further encouraged her into a vegan lifestyle.

This sparked a career change; Megan studied to become a Holistic Nutritionist and started the blog megunprocessed.com, which aims to help people eliminate processed foods and start their own journey towards a healthier plant-based diet. Her recipes are quick, wholesome, easy to make and, most importantly, delicious! The mere mention of cheesy cauli-tots had our mouths watering! Megan’s producing background also has a part to play in her new career. Through her company Unprocessed Productions, she helps health and wellness bloggers make videos to spread the word on organic plant-based goodness.

This episode is packed full of tips, laughter and healthy recipes. She shares with us some great advice on how to get off unprocessed foods, her brave decision to stop taking the birth control pill, smoothies vs juices, and so much more!


Megan Lawson’s Bio

Megan Lawson is a TV producer that fell in love with the plant-based, organic lifestyle so much she pursued a certification in holistic nutrition.

She created MegUnprocessed to share simple and easy to replicate recipes that she was making at home to show people you don’t have to be a chef to prepare delicious plant-based meals. Megan has worked in TV for more than a decade.

As an Emmy-nominated producer, she produced for Fox in NYC and the daily lifestyle show, Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel in LA. In addition to her blog, she runs her own production company, UnProcessed Productions, where she produces entertaining and informative videos for food brands, bloggers, hosts, chefs, YouTube and TV personalities.

You can also see Megan teaching cooking demos at Whole Foods Markets in LA and NYC.


Megan’s Links

Website: megunprocessed.com






Megan’s Kale Cinnamon Smoothie Recipe:

Large handful kale

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp cinnamon

1 frozen banana

4 dates, pitted

1/4 avocado (for a dose of healthy fat that keeps us ladies looking and feeling sexy)


Our Favorite Moments:

@23:15 Cauliflower for breakfast?

@24:40 What can’t Suzy live without?

@27:47 Megan’s tip for thick milkshake-like smoothies

@30:35 What can you do with pulp from your juicer?

@41:51 Avocado vs snickers


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Links from show:

Megan’s Goji Cookies

Megan’s Goji Berry Cheesecake

Nutritionfacts.org by Dr Greger

Diva Cup



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