52: From 6 Months to Live to Breaking World Records: How Janette Beat Breast Cancer Naturally

Welcome to the new year! We start 2016 with a podcast featuring an incredible guest, one of the most inspiring people we’ve ever interviewed. After being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, and being “given” just 6 months to live, Janette Murray-Wakelin beat cancer and proceeded to run a marathon, every day, for 366 consecutive days (YES, you read that right!).

Janette is a tour de force, a real badass woman who refused to accept the damaging chemo and drugs offered to her and instead opted to change her life completely by taking a holistic approach that encompassed mind, body and spirit. Though she was already living fairly healthily, she knew she had to do something intensive to strike back and give her body a chance to heal. Thanks to intravenous immunotherapy, blood oxygenation, and a 100% raw vegan diet, Janette turned her diagnosis around. She realised that one of the most important things was to make conscious choices, from self love — how can you heal yourself if you don’t love yourself? Within six months, this headstrong grandma was given a clean bill of health.

She became passionate about sharing her story and helping others live a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. Janette and her husband opened a small juice bar in their home town, which quickly grew to become a wellness centre, including a restaurant, fitness centre and spa. After 6 years, and some amazing success stories, they decided to move to Australia.

There, she wrote the amazing book Raw Can Cure Cancer, before putting her mind to her next challenge — running around Australia with her husband, at the rate of a marathon a day, for 366 consecutive days. Though many gave them just two weeks, Janette’s response was “Just watch me” — she proved them all wrong, demonstrating in the process that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A film about her amazing journey will be screened in Cannes later this year — we can’t wait to see it!

Far from stopping there, Janette is already embarking on her next adventure, and spreading the word to even more people. Listen in to discover Janette’s incredible story, from how she healed herself from cancer to her awesome work helping others live a more holistic, healing life. By living a more conscious lifestyle, everything and anything is possible!

Janette Murray-Wakelin’s Bio

Janette is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Raw Can Cure Cancer’ (now in it’s 2nd edition) and her new book, ‘Running Out of Time’, based on our Run around Australia was released along with the film preview during August 2014 at the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York. We founded a Centre for Optimum Health in Canada, where our focus was on encouraging healthy conscious lifestyles through living nutrition and exercise for the mind, body and spirit.  She founded a Centre for Optimum Health in Canada, where our focus was on encouraging healthy conscious lifestyles through living nutrition and exercise for the mind, body and spirit.  

At 52, Janette was diagnosed with breast cancer and the prognosis was only 6 months or possibly a year with conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Janette knew that environmentally, her immune system had been compromised and to compromise it further didn’t make sense. Knowing the value of exercise and the benefits of a healthy diet, Janette chose to help her body heal itself of cancer, by boosting the immune system with the natural nutrients it needed and increasing the oxygen in the blood through exercise and juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.  Now, she is living proof that the body is capable of healing itself.  The Raw Vegan Path that she took, resulted in an inevitable journey to more healthy conscious living and the passion to share her (extensive) knowledge and experience with others.

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Our Favorite 3 Moments:

@ 17:20 Every Choice you make….

@ 22:00 Live vs dead foods

@ 39:00 50 Marathons in 50 days

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