51: Robyn Openshaw on losing weight & defeating Asthma


Suzy coined today’s guest “The Nutrition Tiger Mom.”  Robyn Openshaw gives us advice and  tips on how to raise your kids on a whole-foods diet with tons of veggies and green smoothies.  In this episode Robyn lays out her 12 steps to whole-foods and how she lost 70 pounds and maintains her healthy weight. 


Robyn Openshaw’s Bio 

Green Smoothie Girl and CSCLife founder Robyn Openshaw’s passion for educating people about diet and nutrition arose from her own personal journey.  20 years ago, Robyn weighed over 200 pounds and had a 21 chronic diseases.  Getting off the Standard American Diet proved a lifesaver.  Robyn lost 70 pounds without dieting, by converting to a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  Twenty years later at 48, she is a competitive athlete, free of all disease and symptoms and at her ideal weight.


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Recipes by Robyn:

Rejuvelac smoothie:  a probiotic rich drink.


Our Favorite 3 Moments:

@ 13:40 Mommy’s “ice cream” trick

@ 18:35 ROI on Veggies

@ 28:00 Nutrition Tiger Mom


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