50: Audrey Hope on healing deep core issues & the power of love


The female empowerment episode has arrived. And it is led by “The Buster,” Audrey Hope! Want to experience  a full transformation in the physical, emotional, spiritual realms? Let Audrey show you how- We’ll let you in on a little secret- it has to do with embracing the divine feminine and empowering ourselves!

Audrey also gives us tips and tricks to manifesting “the one,” and assures us that online dating is a great tool because, “God is online!” Time to manifest, ladies!


Audrey Hope’s Bio

A multi-talented force in the healing arts, Audrey Hope’s work with people of all ages, professions, creeds, and callings has earned her the title “The Buster.” Her gentle-but-firm approach gets to the ‘root of the root’ to solve problems through practical procedures that uncover the soul, guiding patients to freedom and a path of inner peace. She has been published in The Washington Times, Addiction.com, and more.

Audrey prides herself on being a motivational speaker and has garnered success as a host on “Hope For Relationships”. Previously, Audrey has garnered accolades for her international award-winning talk show, Real Women, and the European series REHAB. She received a Telly Award commemorating “Excellence in Cultural Programming,” a spot in the “Who’s Who in American Women,” and was chosen by Mirabella Magazine as one of their “1000 Most Influential Women”.

Audrey has worked with hundreds of celebrities, producers, CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, authors, athletes, and more! Many of their identities have to remain confidential, but we can name those who went public with their addiction and problems: Vince Neil, Bobby Brown, Marc Jacobs, Chester Benningonton (lead singer of Linkin Park), Mackenzie Phillips, Julie Delpy, and more.


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Our Favorite Moments:

@16:33 The two “Os”

@ 23:35 Cutting the energy cord

@40:00  Science of love


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