43: How Alida lost 80 lbs and manifested “the one”


What the heck is the Law of Attraction? How can we manifest more abundance into our lives? Alida answers these questions and more on this episode of  The Food Heals Podcast!

Alida McDaniel is an Intuitive Life Strategist, Culinary Artist and Personal Trainer who lost 80 pounds and healed herself of a multitude of chronic diseases. In this episode we address consciousness and its role in our health, and how to manifest our desires. Alida even lays out exactly how she lost 80 pounds and manifested “the one!”

Alida’s experience includes over a decade of culinary arts, personal training, life coaching, holistic health coaching, study of comparative religions and certifications in Universal Intelligence Mentorship, 12 Strand DNA Healing, Group Consciousness, and the intuitive business coaching program- All-Knowing Entrepreneurship.

Alida has been working with quantum consciousness for over a decade, teaching intuitive wellness, facilitating divine intelligence workshops and crafting life mastery programs inspired by tapping into the fabric of the universe.

This show is already a fan favorite and we just know you are going to love hearing from Alida!

Our Favorite Moments:

@ 4:54 – Soul Traveler

@ 6:55 – Gifts from spirits

@ 8:18 – Struggles with diets

@ 11:07 – Emotional weight

@ 14:44 – Virus of the mind

@ 18:09 – Law of Attraction

@ 20:45 – Infinite realities of you

@ 22:04 – How quantum physics proves the existence of the soul

@ 22:38 – Power vs Force

@ 23:28 – How to create

@ 25:31 – Gratitude is key

@ 26:29 – Manifesting “the one”

@ 30:30 – Transforming your relationship

@ 33:00 – Manifesting abundance

@ 34:20 – Thrill of the game

@ 36:50 – “We are all spiritual beings…”

@ 39:00 – Suzy admits she “heard angels”

@ 43:09 – Communicating with spirits

@ 43:59 – Near death experience

@ 48:47 – How to be healthy from a conscious perspective

@ 53:55 – Response — Ability

@ 55:12 – Magic pill

@ 56:30 – Beyond the gym

@ 1:02:50 – Seasonality impact on our bodies

@ 1:04:30 – Cleansing for the type A female

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Links from show:

The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul by Fred Alan Wolf

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey


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