42: Raising children on a plant based diet with Dr. Pamela RD


Today’s guest connected with us after listening to the show.  The more we found out about Dr. Pamela, the more we knew she was a kindred spirit.  After this interview, we know enough about Dr. Pamela to call her Saint Pamela!  She is an amazing advocate for plant based eating and clean living.  She’s a mother of 3, a marathon runner and she even uses intermittent fasting to control her weight!  You can’t miss this conversation because she gives away all her best tips for juicing, fasting, eating high fiber diets, and even looking younger!


Here’s a snippet from Dr. Pamela’s website:

I am a Registered Dietitian and registered Public Heath Nutritionist with a PhD in nutrition. I’m an avid traveler and I’ve visited over 50 countries and worked as a Dietitian in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. I am fascinated by nutrition and I love bringing wellness and fitness into my own life. I eat a whole foods, plant-based diet and I love to cook and bake with my four children, teaching them about food and nutrition through shopping for and preparing colourful, healthy family meals together. Fitness brings joy to my life; I am a runner and speed walker and I’ve completed five half marathons and one marathon. I believe in the power of activity to help improve our mental and physical health.



Dr. Pamela gives some fantastic tips in this episode.  Here’s a few examples, but there are even more that you won’t want to miss in the episode:

Fasting is very effective at reducing inflammation in your body.

Don’t mix berries and greens in juices and smoothies!  Brown juice isn’t appetizing.

Make sure to eat foods that have lots of color.

It’s almost impossible to eat a high fiber diet that is unhealthy.

Buckwheat, quinoa and brown rice are great sources of gluten free whole grains.


Dr. Pamela offers a 30 Day Whole Food Cleanse on her website.  Check it out here.

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Our Favorite Moments:

@10:00 – Saint Pamela

@12:20 – Adoption three at once

@17:07 – Massage the love into the kale

@19:00 – 30 Day whole foods, plant based cleanse

@22:30 – Your senses are heightened with a cleanse

@26:30 – 16:8 fasting method

@27:45 – What is a fast

@29:15 – That late night snack

@33:10 – Exercise for your mood

@33:45 – The blue zones

@38:20 – Facial acupuncture

@41:50 – Cold showers

@44:00 – Smoothies and juices

@47:15 – Ways to get more fiber in your diet

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