41: Happy Thanksgiving and Q&A Thursday


Happy Thanksgiving!  We just wanted to spend this time on the holiday just chilling out with you and answer some of your questions.  We are looking forward to spending time with family and eating some good food!

Come relax with us as we answer your questions.  You may find out a few things you didn’t know about us and how we think and live.  You may also hear from any of the 4 dogs in the studio with us! It’s all in the family as we chat about the things that are most important to you!

Our Favorite Moments:
@3:00 – Made fun of for GMO’s

@5:30 – GMO’s defined for the rest of us

@8:00 – Soy and Corn are the big culprits for GMO

@15:22 – Drugs, drugs, drugs, pills, pills, pills

@20:00 – Fibro and massage

@24:45 – Confucian parable

@28:15 – Just stop eating dairy

@32:44 – What we are thankful for


We mentioned one resource in this episode that may be helpful for those with chronic pain, whether it is from fibromyalgia or back pain.  If this applies to you, this book will be extremely helpful for you:


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