40: Meditation techniques & healthy Thanksgiving tips with Dr. Haas


“I’ve seen people heal from things you wouldn’t think they could heal from – just by changing the way they thought about it!” Learn about how Dr. Haas prescribes guided imagery and emotional healing in addition to nutrition and medicine on the latest episode of The Food Heals Podcast!
Dr. Haas is back! Dr. Elson Haas is Founder and Director of Haas Health Online and the Preventive Medical Center of Marin(PMCM), and he is an accomplished author. In episode 39, we learned how Dr. Haas integrates nutrition into his practice, how he lost 20 pounds and completely cleared up his allergies through juice cleansing, how to stay healthy with the seasons and so much more! Today we chat with him about mindfulness and stress relief, and the biggest dilemma of the holiday season.
Dr. Haas believes in a more holistic approach as a cure for our dis-eases. He says one of his goals is to heighten awareness in his patients and give them the power to heal themselves. A typical question in western medicine is “What can I take to make this go away?” In an integrated practice you’d ask, “Why is this present in my life and what is needed for it’s healing?” Dr. Haas shares so many tips on tuning into your body’s needs and eating seasonally, and why doing so supports your immune system. He also explains exactly what stress is…the answer may surprise you.
This interview is full of incredible information and tips about redefining our relationship to food and disease, and just how important our self talk is. He also explains the important role love plays in our health. Every time Dr. Haas is with us we learn so much, and enjoy every minute!


About Dr. Haas:
Dr. Elson Haas is the founder of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (PMCM) in San Rafael, CA, and Seasons Studios. He is one of the early pioneers of Integrated Medicine, a philosophy that blends the best of proven techniques from both Western and Eastern medicinal sciences, and believes in empowering patients to take personal responsibility and a long-term view of their own health. Ideally, doctors should only be visited in cases of serious illness, emergency, or regular checkups.


Dr. Elson Haas has authored 10 best selling books in the fields of nutrition, health and detoxification, drawing on the lessons he’s learned in over 40 years of practice, and study. His most recent work, Ultimate Immunity, is due this month and was co-authored by Sondra Barrett, PhD.


Connect with Dr. Haas:


Our Favorite Moments:

@5:45 – Your health starts with you
@6:57 – Doctors who are paid to keep their patients healthier?!
@9:32 – “Googling” your body
@11:18 – Biofeedback secrets
@14:26 The importance of  “attitude” and what you say to yourself on a regular basis
@14:35 A doctors pet peeves with other doctors
@16:35 How to “tune in”
@18:44 – When you love yourself…others love you too
@22:59 – Staying healthy through the holidays, and just what is a cyclologist?
@27:00 – Learn the nutrients that support immunity, and listen to Suzy and Allison’s work being validated by an M.D.
@28:46 – The new definition of stress.
@30:10 – The attitude (or bad-itude) of your mind.
@32:06 – The ultimate 5 second stress reliever (we dare you to say “I don’t have time for that”)

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