39: How to reverse chronic disease naturally


The doctor is in! Dr. Haas is here today to discuss everything holistic- from juice cleanses to emotional healing, the good doctor takes an integrative approach to health and believes that doctors should only be visited in the case of serious illness, emergency or for regular check-ups. Specifically Dr. Haas believe in N.E.W. medicine. NEW stands for blending Natural, Eastern and Western philosophies and says he still feels “pretty healthy for an old man!”

In this episode we’ll learn how Dr. Haas integrates nutrition into his practice, how he lost 20 pounds and completely cleared up his allergies through juice cleansing, how to stay healthy with the seasons and so much more!

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About Dr. Haas:

Dr. Elson Haas is Founder and Director of Haas Health Online and the Preventive Medical Center of Marin(PMCM), where he has practiced Integrative Medicine for more than 25 years. Dr. Haas is the published author of numerous health books (for adults, children and families), articles, CDs, and Apps and is a nationally known popular public speaker on health and wellness topics to both professionals and to the general public. Dr. Haas is a frequent guest on radio and television health programs–both nationally and globally–and he is featured interviewee with health writers for both professional and popular media.

Dr. Haas encourages us all to remember that our health–how we look and feel–is mostly a result of how we live. As a lifestyle and preventive medical physician, the good doctor’s message is always about protecting our health and honoring our body and the Mother Earth. Eat foods from Nature as much as possible, and take care of your many dimensional self–your mind and body, heart and spirit. Following the Seasons of the Year and adapting our lifestyle and health activities is a basis of Dr. Elson’s health philosophy and the focus of his first book, Staying Healthy With the Seasons.

Dr. Haas holds a Lifetime Adult Education Teaching Credential and has held numerous classes for children and families in schools, as well as radio and television media appearances. The NEW Anatomix Comix Health Review teaches kids about anatomy, physiology and health and nutrition tips with songs in a staged show (See Seasons Studios web site for more information).

Dr. Haas is the author of eight books in the areas of Health, Nutrition, and Detoxification, including Staying Healthy with the Seasons, The New Detox Diet, and Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Vitamins for Dummies, The False Fat Diet, A Cookbook for All Seasons, plus the NEW More Vegetables, Please!. He has also developed several books for children and family education with his long-time business associate Bethany Argisle through their company Seasons Studios. These books include Count Broccula, Blimps & Whales and the Anatomix Comix CD and Songbook.


Our Favorite Moments:

@7:50 – How Dr. Haas lost 20 pounds and cleared up his allergies in 10 days

@8:20 – Prescribing juice cleanses to patients to keep them healthy

@11:20 – Why don’t Western doctors receive nutritional training?

@14:20 – Illnesses and problems begin at the cellular level

@14:40 – What are toxins?

@15:06 – SNACC – Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, Chemicals

@16:30 – The truth about Elimination and Detox Diets: They work!

@17:05 – The foods to eliminate for optimal health

@18:50 – The BEST diet and exercise program

@20:50 – What is the ideal diet and lifestyle Dr. Haas prescribes?

@26:15 – My approach to healthcare: Lifestyle first. Natural therapies next. Drugs last.

@26:40 – How to prevent and reverse chronic disease

@20:25 – How to raise healthy children

@36:07 – Why you should eat a great variety of foods

@36:06  Get the inside scoop on Dr. Haas’s new book!

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