386: Why It May Time to Get Your Testosterone Checked with Solopreneur Hour Host Michael O’Neal


Continuing on our theme of hormone health this month, Alli’s got Solopreneur Hour Host Michael O’Neal in the Nashville studio to talk about men’s health and why – it might be time to get your testosterone checked!

Testosterone is pivotal for multiple functions in the body like building stronger bones, creating muscle and increasing strength, facial and body hair. Testosterone increases sex drive, promotes fat burning, is required for memory and heart health, and is involved in producing red blood cells and sperm. In other words, it’s absolutely crucial for feeling our best.

In today’s episode, Michael shares how getting his hormones balanced completely changed his life, increased his libido, and gave him the energy he needed to thrive.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with Michael, where we’ll be discussing a natural way to grow back hair – drug free. PLUS – exactly how he went from balding to a beautiful head of hair. (And how you can too!)

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Food Heals Host Allison Melody and Solopreneur Hour Host Michael O'Neal frequently collaborate for podcast shows, in-person events, and maybe a karaoke party or two.

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