Episode 286: The Aftermath of Loss with Solopreneur Michael O’Neal


Michael O’ Neal is a multi-faced entrepreneur who is a podcaster, speaker, coach, YouTuber and drummer. In this episode, Michael and Allison discuss their shared experience of losing both their parents (and their dogs) way too young.


Hear the heartwarming stories of how Michael’s dad passed after winning a jeopardy question and how Alli’s passed at a cookout with a cigar in his hand… and how these tragedies profoundly affected both of their lives.

The Aftermath of Loss with Michael O'Neal and Allison Melody

Our Favorite Moments:

  • Michael coaches Alli on how to be a better podcaster
  • What not to do after someone passes away
  • The most unselfish way to help someone who is experiencing a loss
  • Why it’s imperative to record your parents stories now
  • How to say yes opportunities that scare you
  • The difference between average people and extraordinary people




While the word unemployable might strike fear in the hearts of some, Micheal reframes it to be “Proudly” unemployable meaning to take your skills, hobbies, and passions and turn them into a thriving business you can scale in your underwear.


On his award-winning show, The Solopreneur Hour, Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable icons and successful gamechangers to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business. Nominated As “Best New Show of 2013” by Stitcher Radio, his guests range in professions from comedy, to acting, to the NFL, to UFC and MMA, to Top Music Stars, to Millionaires, to Business Experts, to Real Estate moguls, and everything in between. With a very impressive list of guests (James Altucher, Adam Carolla, Hines Ward, Sam Jones, Tucker Max, Jonathan Fields, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, Chris Ducker, Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Mike Johnston, Rich Franklin, Jack Canfield, Michael Gerber, and many more) these casual conversations contain tons of action-inducing content wrapped up in an entertaining candy shell.
Follow Michael at solohour.com.

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