396: Think Unbroken: How Michael Overcame Unspeakable Childhood Trauma and Now Helps Survivors Become the Heroes of Their Own Stories


Today’s guest didn’t sign up to be the spokesman for survivors of child abuse. In fact, he says the Universe chose him for this role.

He was born to parents of drug addicts and abusers; molested by family friend; his mother cut off his finger; he was homeless by 10; a drug addict by 12; an alcoholic by 19; and morbidly obese with no where to turn and no one to rely on.

In today’s episode of Food Heals, Michael Unbroken shares his harrowing story of going from trauma survivor, to trauma warrior, to trauma mentor.

From homeless to hero, Michael Unbroken, is the Founder of Think Unbroken, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, podcast host, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma. Since 2016, Michael has empowered over 100,000 trauma survivors to get out of “the vortex”, learn to love themselves, and become the hero of their own story. Michael has spoken in over 80 countries, won investments from Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone, and is on a mission to end generational trauma in his lifetime.

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