360: Get Calm, Stress Less, and Connect Deeply with Guided Meditations Made For Women by Katie Krimitsos


With an insatiable desire to bring more calm and mindfulness to women around the world – and to create a business that would allow her work from home and spend plenty of time raising her two daughters, Katie Krimitsos launched the Women’s Meditation Network in 2018. In just 3 ½ short years, it’s grown to one of the largest meditation podcasts in the world!

You already know meditation is incredible for your mental, spiritual and emotional health. You may have even tried to meditate before. But, you can’t seem to get into the regular habit. You really want to and you know it’s time to figure it out.

A regular meditation practice doesn’t have to look like getting up at 5am and meditating for an hour with incense burning every single day. It can be so much more simple!  And completely customized for you.

Creating your own regular meditation practice can make you feel more calm, reduce stress and anxiety, help you sleep better and ultimately help you connect to your inner wisdom…which all lead to a happier, more fulfilled life!

Ready to feel more calm, connected and happier? Learn how you can easily start your own regular meditation practice on today’s episode of Food Heals with our Meditation Queen, Katie Krimitsos!

Tune in to hear:

  • How to Create what Katie calls, “Little Mini Moments of Mindfulness”
  • Alli’s “aha” moment: “The answers are not within my phone. The answers are within myself!”
  • Katie and Alli’s reactions to the podcast censorship going on today
  • Candid conversations about choosing love over fear
  • How to have compassion for those who you fundamentally disagree with
  • What makes Alli say, “Watch me get loud!”
  • How to get deeper sleep with meditations and sleep sounds
  • The difference between meditation and manifestation
  • And more!

🎤 Available on @iHeartRadio, @Spotify, @ApplePodcasts, or wherever you listen to your #podcasts!

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