361: Nicole and Kate Can Relate: Candid Conversations About Mindset and Mental Health


What does challenging yourself physically have to do with improving your mental health? How much does mindset matter when it comes to designing a life for ourselves? These are just some of the questions I explore with today’s guests, hosts of the podcast, Nicole and Kate Can Relate, Kate Erickson and Nicole Baldinu.

Nicole and Kate are long time friends living across the globe from each other. Every week they catch up to talk life and business and everything in between.

Nicole Baldinu is the co-founder and COO of a software company, WebinarNinja and The $100 MBA. She is also the producer of iTunes Best of 2014 Podcast, The $100 MBA Show.

Kate Erickson is the heartbeat at Entrepreneurs On Fire. She is a podcaster, author, and she’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve financial and lifestyle freedom.

In today’s episode were having candid conversations about mastering your mindset,  how physical challenges affect our mental toughness, and you’ll learn all about the podcast, Nicole and Kate Can Relate!

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