359: Ask an Attorney: Censorship, Cancellation vs Conversation, Free Speech, Narcissism & Emotional Eating


In this episode of Ask Alli, Allison sits down with former Big Law Attorney, Ashley Filingjim, to get her take on censorship versus cancellation, when free speech applies, de-platforming, how to spot a narcissist, and tools for emotional eating.

Tune in to learn:

  • The story of how Alli got censored by her own software
  • The difference between cancel culture vs. censorship
  • How cancel culture is robbing us of the opportunity for more curiosity and deeper conversations
  • How de-platforming is the new cancellation
  • What is free speech and when does the first amendment actually apply
  • How to spot a narcissist 
  • Our favorite books and social media accounts to identify a narcissist
  • The best tools and resources for emotional eating
  • How support The Food Heals Podcast and fight censorship

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