334: Finding focus, energy, and renewed health by removing toxins with the Toxin Terminator


Did you know that over 80,000 chemicals are currently being used in the United States?

What’s even scarier is that most of these chemicals haven’t even been tested on how they can affect our health. Yet, we have seen the devastating effects of what these chemicals can do to our body, with the skyrocketing numbers of chronic illness and debilitating diseases. 

So, what can we do about it? How can we make sustainable changes and help rid our bodies of these unwanted toxic chemicals? 

In this episode of the #FoodHealsPodcast, I invited Aimee Carlson, to break it down for us. Aimee is the best-selling author of The Toxin Terminator: Finding Focus, Energy and Renewed Health by Removing Toxins, podcast host of The Toxin Terminator, and a certified Toxicity and Detox specialist. Aimee helps people identify and remove hidden toxins from their bodies, homes, and their lives to restore and renew their health!

After being an automotive franchise owner for thirty years, Aimee was exposed to dangerous toxins for most of her adult years. As a result, she suffered from migraines, headaches, and reproductive issues that eventually led her to have a hysterectomy in her 30’s and to fight menopause symptoms soon after. With endless doctor visits, numerous medications, and no hope for her future, Aimee began to wonder if this is what life was meant to look like for her. 

Finally, after many years of no answers, she was introduced into the world of natural medicine and soon found out that she was in a toxin overload. Soon after she began to detox her body, home, and life, and discovered she could heal herself.

Aimee’s passionis is now to help others live without chronic diseases and truly renew their health, focus, and energy. 

Join us @foodhealsnation for Part 1 of our interview with The Toxin Terminator as we discuss:

  • Aimee’s harrowing health journey 
  • Everyday household products that are killing us
  • The five pillars of living a toxin-free lifestyle 
  • Why fragrance is the new second-hand smoke 
  • Label Reading 101: Understand what’s in your products
  • Think Dirty App: Warning: This app will change everything!

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