333:How to be Hot, Healthy, and Successful with The Sorority Nutritionist Lauren Hubert


Have you ever felt guilty for wanting to be hot, healthy, and successful?

Raising my hand right here!!! 🙋‍♀️

You are not alone, Food Heals Nation…

In our latest episode of The Food Heals Podcast, we sat down with Lauren Hubert, a Registered Dietician and weight loss expert behind The Sorority Nutritionist. After gaining 20 pounds as a freshman in college (Drop an emoji if you’ve been there;) Lauren found herself struggling with her self-confidence and feeling insecure about the way she looked to lose weight, she began running for hours every day and cutting out calories from her diet, leading her to be extremely restrictive with her food choices and even scared to grab a drink with her sorority sisters.

It wasn’t until she began studying nutrition that she realized her diet was a “hot mess express” and she was going about eating and exercising all wrong. This realization led her to take her health into her own hands and change her habits for good.

Now as a Registered Dietitian, Lauren is passionate about teaching women how to fuel their bodies for lasting and balanced weight loss. Her goal in the weight loss space is to not only inspire women to lose weight in a fun way but to also make sure no woman feels guilty about wanting to be HOT, healthy, and successful. 

Being hailed as “The Sorority Nutritionist,” Lauren has created a 3-step weight loss method that has evolved from her own experiences and those of her clients to help women lose weight, gain confidence, and love the way they look. She helps her clients have greater awareness around the food choices they make, teaches them mindful eating, and how to improve their relationship with food. 

Join us @foodhealsnation and @sorority.nutritionist to learn more about:

  • How to lose fat and transform your body regardless of what the scale says
  • The secret to improving your relationship with food 
  • How to fuel your body for weight loss instead of starving it
  • How to stop self-sabotaging and get results that truly stick
  • One crazy reason why you’re not seeing results
  • Common weight loss mistakes women make
  • Counting vs. Tracking: The truth about calories

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