Detox 101: Top Ways to Detox Your Mind, Body, and Household with The Toxin Terminator


Alright, #Foodhealsnation who wants to hear more from the Toxin Terminator herself, Aimme Carlson? 

I know I do ✋✋

We are back for Part 2 of our interview with Aimee Carlson herself. Aimee is the best-selling author of The Toxin Terminator: Finding Focus, Energy and Renewed Health by Removing Toxins, podcast host of The Toxin Terminator, and a certified Toxicity and Detox specialist. Aimee helps people identify and remove hidden toxins from their bodies, homes, and lives to restore and renew their health!

Aimee’s passion is now to help others live without chronic diseases and truly renew their health, focus, and energy. 

In last week’s episode, we discussed toxins, including the four out of the five pillars of living a toxin-free lifestyle, why fragrance is now considered the new second-hand smoke, label reading, and so much more. If you haven’t already, be sure to go back and listen to episode 334, “Finding focus, energy, and renewed health by removing toxins with the toxin terminator.”

Join us for part 2 of our interview with the toxin terminator as we discuss:  

  • The 5th and final pillar we have been waiting for (It’s a good one) 
  • The toll that toxins can create on our mental health 
  • The importance of having a stress cycle in your life and what it can do for you and your body 
  • The proper way to detox your body 
  • The five parts of your detox system 
  • The appropriate water consumption for your body to detox 
  • The benefits of dry brushing our bodies (Ladies, you want to hear this one) 

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Dane Wild – Train your brain 

Ways you can connect with Aimee Carlson:

Instagram –  @aimeecalrson

Facebook – Aimee Carlson 

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