313: How to Live Medication-free with Bipolar Type 1 with Marisa Imôn


At age 19, Marisa Imôn was diagnosed with bipolar type 1 and had to withdraw from school during a manic episode. All her life leading up to this she had been at the mercy of her emotions – never knowing if she’d wake up feeling suicidal or euphoric. But to the world around her, she was just a happy, friendly girl.

She hid her emotional intensity until it reached a breaking point in the form of mania. Modern medicine and therapy made her believe there was no recovery, or at least not without medication. She was told that people with bipolar type one can go on to live happy, healthy, and successful lives, but only if they’re medicated. 

In this episode, Marisa shares the tools that she uses daily to help her work with her emotional intensity instead of feeling like her emotions are working against her.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to reframe the concept of negative emotions to FUN: Feelings Under Neutral
  • How to use your fears and anxieties to move upwards in the emotional scale
  • How forgiveness opens the door to freedom
  • And more!

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