306: Use Your Own Body’s Wisdom to Overcome Eating Disorders with Cara Cifelli


Cara Cifelli is a passionate coach guiding women into the most confident, vibrant versions of themselves. By helping them leave behind dieting, disordered eating and body shame, they are able to reconnect to the wisdom of their own bodies and show up more powerfully in every area of their lives.

Tune in to find out:

  • How to say goodbye to diet culture
  • The secrets to truly healing your relationship with food
  • How to engage in compassionate self-care, not rigid self-control
  • And of course, how to make a Vegan Buddha Bowl!

You can find Cara’s book Body Wisdom on Amazon, and her second book, Vegan Buddha Bowls was just released this January 2020. Her work has been featured on KTLA Morning News, Elephant Journal, Recovery Warriors, and the Feed Feed.

Follow Cara on Instagram @CarasKitchen and check out her blog at CarasKitchen.net.

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