307: The Public Health Crisis We Will Solve in Our Lifetime: How to Advocate For Black Lives Matter


Racism is a public health crisis. All lives can’t matter until black lives matter. Their house is on fire. Their children, brothers, sisters, and parents are dying. We have to put out that fire NOW.


This is the Food Heals Podcast. Our mission is to teach people that the body is designed to heal itself when given the tools it needs to do so. To stop outsourcing our health to doctors and to take out health into our own hands. I promote nutrition and alternative medicine and healing yourself mind body and spirit.


But what about the people who can’t afford healthy food? When people in low-income communities cannot afford to eat well, cannot afford to go to a holistic doctor, do not even have access to healthy food because they live in a food desert, there is something very wrong in our society. And it is up to us to fix it.


We have to be activists, now more than ever. The systemic racism in our country has gone on far too long and it is time to stop being sad about it and start taking massive action.


So what can we do?

Listen, Love, Educate, Donate, Volunteer, March, Say Their Names, Use Our Platforms for Good, Amplify Voices of Color, and Vote for the World We Want to See.


We have to be willing to learn and listen. We must be willing to change. We have to act.


In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”- MLK, Jr.”


Stand up. Say your peace. Shine your light. #LoveHeals


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