294: The Weight-Loss Series Part 3: End Emotional Eating, Drop Body Shame and Lose the Weight For Good


In the third episode in our wellness and weight-loss series, we are playing some of our favorite clips from some of our guests’ most inspiring weight-loss journeys.

First up we’re chatting with Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant Shelby Webb. Shelby became passionate about the healing power of food after seeing its benefits in mitigating the symptoms of her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a common hormone disorder. Shelby lost 30 pounds and nearly 1/5 of her body weight by incorporating the principles of the blood type diet and now she helps others do the same. She encourages her clients to eat whole foods and make sustainable lifestyle changes for long-lasting results.

Next up we’re talking to Rob and Devon and hearing their personal workout and weight-loss journeys. Together, Rob and Devon are the dynamic duo behind Open Sky Fitness. Their podcast combines expert interviews with in-depth looks at the latest in wellness and workouts. They also offer one-on-one coaching and group challenges for people who are serious about getting fit. In this clip, we hear about the best tools for fat-burning and how to guarantee weight-loss success! 

Then, Sexy Fit Vegan Ella Magers has tips that will turn your body into a belly fat-burning machine. Eating should be an enjoyable way to fuel your body and ignite your taste buds. So many people obsess over counting calories and macros, or are stuck in a debilitating cycle of restricting and binging. Ella was one of those people! Learning to love herself, and develop a healthy relationship with food and fitness, was an empowering process that made her PLANT-strong in body, mind, and spirit.



So many of us are fed up with feeding our feelings with food, body shaming ourselves and we are sick of looking in the mirror and not loving what we see.


It’s time to change that. Make 2020 the year that is different.


Have you been a yo-yo dieter for most of your life?


Do you feel shame when you look in the mirror?


Have you found yourself using food as a reward?


Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight?


Do you feel shame around your body and the food that you eat?


Have you ever fed your feelings with food and then experienced guilt, shame and self-judgment?


Are you frustrated with yourself for not being able to FIGURE IT THE EFF OUT?


You are not alone.


Growing up I never felt good enough. I looked at all the beautiful girls around me and all I could think was how much better they were than me. They had better hair, they were taller, they were thinner.


Because I didn’t feel beautiful, I didn’t feel worthy.


CUT TO: College. My diet consisted of Taco Bell, Wendy’s and bad cafeteria campus food. I easily put on the dreaded freshman 20 pounds. The shame continued.


Food was comfort. Food was reward. Food soothed stress, depression, helped me overcome breakups, and cured hangovers.


When I looked in the mirror, I told myself I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t lovable enough.


It wasn’t until I discovered the tools to heal myself emotionally and spiritually that EVERYTHING CHANGED.


I finally lost the last effing ten pounds.


I finally stopped comforting myself with food.


I finally stopped abusing my body with sugar.


I finally became confident in the woman that I am.


And because this transformation was so RADICAL for me, I want to share those tools with you. 

And that is what the course, FOOD FREEDOM is all about.


If you are fed up with feeding your feelings with food, join me for a three-week transformation that will change your life.


It’s all at DropTheFoodShame.com.




Did you know that over $218 BILLION (yes, with a ‘b’) of food is left to waste every year in this country???


Included in that number is 20 Billion pounds of produce. 


Now, when you see a number like that, you might think — how can I really contribute? I’m just one person, after all.


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Think about it. Getting all this nutritious, good food, all at a low-low price (like up to 30% less than standard grocery prices). 


It’s super simple to set up. Log into your account and choose the exact produce you want on your doorstep. They’ve even got other foods (like vegan cheese and cashew butter). Check out the list for yourself! 


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