293: The Weight-Loss Series Part 2: Juicing, Affirmations, and Self-Love


In today’s episode we are continuing on our journey to help you stay healthy in 2020 with inspiring clips from our favorite podcast guests on how to use physical, emotional and spiritual tools to end emotional eating, drop the body shame and lose weight for good.

First we will hear from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Director Joe Cross on how he lost 100 pounds, healed himself of an auto-immune condition by juicing his way back to health!

Joe used to be in financial trading, and while his career blossomed, his health deteriorated. His weight shot up to 320 pounds and he was taking a cocktail of medications to manage a variety of health issues including an autoimmune disease, chronic urticaria. One bite away from a heart attack, Joe decided to take matters in his own hands and make a drastic change, and film it!

After 60 days of juicing and 90 days of eating only plant based foods, he was a new man. He knew his film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead would have a big impact – it’s probably responsible for how trendy green juices are these days! Now, Joe has two businesses, a production company and Reboot with Joe, a community and website that helps people “reboot” their health.”

In the second clip, we’re chatting with Katie Krimitsos on how she lost weight, ended her emotional eating and got rid of her body shame to create a body and life she loves!

Growing up, Katie’s family, like many, showed love through big portions of low-quality food. During her childhood, Katie was an athlete, exercising up to 6 hours a day and eating whatever she wanted. However, once she got to college, she gained 60 pounds. She fell in love with feminism and used it to present a mask of not caring about her weight. Deep down she wasn’t happy with her body and her relationship with food became dysfunctional.  Suffering from a combination of overeating, bulimia, and exercisorexia, her days were focused around working out, eating food and avoiding food.

Luckily she realized this was an unsustainable lifestyle ad she decided to make a change. She was able to overcome her eating disorder thanks to the Overeaters Anonymous 12-step program.

And in our final clip, we hear from Christian Evans who lost 80 pounds by juicing his way back to health, and using positive affimations to change his body and his outlook on life to become a brand new man.

Before his transformation, Christian weighed in at 402 pounds. He had sleep apnea and took blood pressure meds. After three of his close family members passed away, he realized his lifestyle had to change. After watching Hungry for Change, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and Frankensteer, Christian began researching and learning about the devastating effects of sugar, the horrors of industrial farming, the mountain of chemicals and additives in processed food. And the links between modern diet and modern diseases. It was the push he needed to get started on his new healthy lifestyle.

Christian embarked on a two-month juice and smoothie fast—no easy feat considering he’s a chef and was around food all the time! He lost 80 pounds in the first two months. He kept going, intermittently fasting and swapping his usual weight training with cardio. He’s now a healthy 215 pounds. But it was more than just about diet—it was about mindset. Some people start their day with a morning coffee, Christian chooses a positive affirmation. He’s now a weight-loss blogger and health coach, helping others to ditch the junk foods and get healthy.

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  • How to Integrate Trust, Ease and Self-Love into Your Daily Practice 
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