295: Debunking Cancer Myths and Treating the Cause of Disease Naturally with Dr. Kevin Conners


Did you know that since the war on cancer was declared by Nixon, cancer rates have increased from 1 in 21 people to 1 in 2.5?


Clearly, our modern approach just isn’t working. To make matters worse, now even children are being diagnosed with cancer. It was these insane statistics that spurred Dr. Kevin Conners to open his clinic. He’s been practicing functional medicine since the 80’s (way before it was ever trendy!). And he has a different approach to traditional medicine: he focuses on treating the cause of cancer, rather than the cancer itself.


This is because, first of all, cancer is multi-factorial.


That means you can’t point to one single thing and say “this is what caused your cancer”. You can’t even really just point to genetics, because only around 5% of cancers are due to certain genes. Cancer comes from a combination of issues: diet, nutrition, environment, emotions. These are the epigenetic factors involved – these are the things that change the expression of your genes, and will then either trigger or protect you from cancer and other diseases. 


And this is why there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone is different, so cancer, ultimately, needs to be treated as such.



After all, one person might do great on a raw food diet, while another may not have the digestive enzymes to cope with that. Instead of applying a standard treatment, Dr. Conners treats every single patient as an individual.


That’s where functional testing comes in, because it helps you work out exactly what’s stressing your immune responses, and determines any food allergies, intolerances, deficiencies, which in turn helps you create the perfect anti-disease diet for you. 


Dr. Conners also works with people with autoimmune conditions and Lyme’s disease. Just like cancer, these are multifactorial. And they’re on the rise. It’s not so much a case of if you get autoimmune, but rather which autoimmune condition will you get.


We are constantly damaging our gut walls, which makes us vulnerable to these conditions. Even if you eat organic, we’re exposed to many chemicals that damage our digestive system. And that’s without mentioning another big topic: vaccination, which can damage the brain, increase inflammation, and lead to autoimmune disorders. 


So what can you do to protect yourself from cancer and autoimmune conditions? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as drinking green juice – you have to go deeper.


  • Give up sugar, because sugar feeds into cell replication and therefore cancer.
  • Do you have metal mouth? Depending on your health, you can work with a specialized dentist to replace or remove them.
  • Start with healing and sealing the gut to stop undigested particles triggering inflammation.
  • Get functional medicine tests to determine what is triggering your immune response and how your genes are reacting to your lifestyle.
  • Get in touch with Dr. Conners – you can work with the Conners’ Clinic whether you’re local to Minnesota or not. 
  • Check out Dr. Conners’ website for free book downloads – if you can’t work with Dr. Conners this is the next best thing. You can take this information to your local doctor.


What you’ll learn in Episode 295:

  • The cause of 4 out of 5 cancer deaths 
  • What’s the deal with genetics and cancer?
  • The problem with keto diets and cancer
  • The supplements to avoid when you have cancer
  • The #1 reason autoimmune disease has gone through the roof 
  • How the pharmaceutical industry inhibits real healing
  • Are autoimmune diseases and cancer linked?
  • What causes MS?
  • Should you get your fillings removed?
  • How your body naturally fights cancer all the time


Our favorite moments:

@10:10 What you never want to eat as a cancer patient

@14:09 How did we get here?

@24:31 You have to stand for what’s right

@39:10 That’s the definition of cancer





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