276: The Magical Power of Algae: Heal, Detox, Lose Weight and Rejuvenate!


There exists a single cell organism that contains over 40 different vitamins and minerals, but has only 1 calorie (!). 


What’s this magical ingredient? *Algae*or the food that keeps on giving.


Catharine discovered algae by accident. Ten years ago, her sister got breast cancer. She was lucky enough to have an oncologist who understood the diet connection and told her she needed to go on an alkaline diet. Catharine realized she needed to know more about nutrition, so she studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And she learned two things:

  1. People know they need to eat healthier
  2. Most people don’t have the time to actually do it.


Catharine knew she needed to create a solution to this problem. The most nutritious supplement solution would need to be:



✔And Easy To Take


So she turned to the one game-changing ingredient in her sister’s cancer healing diet: algae.



Quick Algae facts: 

  • Algae was endorsed by NASA and the United Nations as the most nutrient-dense food there is! It’s so nutritious, that the US Government has now set up a bill that encourages farmers to cultivate it. 
  • Algae can be split into two sub categories. One is seaweed, which is grown in the ocean (like dulse, kelp and nori). It’s packed with fiber and iodine and very nutritious. But not as nutritious as the second category: micro algae. The two most powerful micro algae are spirulina and chlorella. Together, they are a powerhouse for your health.


Now, what makes algae so healing?


Spirulina is energizing and hunger-satiating, while chlorella is healing. Spirulina was the first life on earth, over 4 billion years ago. It’s outlived the ice ages and the dinosaurs… so it’s got to be pretty special! Spirulina is technically a bacteria, which is great for your gut. It’s also the highest protein food (containing 64% protein, in amino-acid form), and because your body doesn’t need to break it down, it gives you instant physical and mental energy. That’s why Catharine calls her spirulina tablets Energy Bits. It also satisfies your hunger, which is great if you’re intermittent fasting. As if that wasn’t enough, studies have found that spirulina helps your hair grow faster, clears up your skin, and helps you lose weight. 


Chlorella developed on earth around a billion years after spirulina. It’s a healing food and helps your body to recover. Hence the name: Recovery Bits. It has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world (yes, even more than wheatgrass). Chlorophyll helps your cells to detox by maintaining the health of the cell wall. This allows nutrients to flow in, and toxins to flow out. Chlorella will also attach to toxins in your body (heavy metals, radiation, lactic acids, alcohol, environmental chemicals, etc.) and help eliminate them. It’s an intelligent food – it knows what to take out and what to leave in. 


The conclusion? Spirulina and Chlorella = two perfect foods for health and healing.


Catharine has blended the two together into Vitality Bits, which gives you the best of both algae in an easy-to-take tiny tablet. 


Of course, when you take supplements, you want to make sure they’re absolutely pure. Catharine spent a long time researching the best place to source and grow algae to ensure her products are the purest quality. She gets her algae from Taiwan, which has the highest standards. The algae is grown in triple filtered water and air-dried to preserve all the nutrients. 


You can get 20% off on any product at energybits.com with the code FoodHeals. 


What you’ll learn in Episode 276:

  • Where to find the safest, purest algae
  • Why spirulina supports intermittent fasting
  • How much algae to take for maximum benefit
  • How to never get another hangover
  • Algae vs. activated charcoal 
  • The best times to take chlorella and spirulina
  • Why algae is the easiest way to get your kids to eat their greens
  • How chlorella helps your body to detoxify heavy metals
  • The best algae to take if you’re on a keto diet


Our favorite moments:

@13:59 You can’t overdose on greens!

@22:37 Your #1 nutrient for cleansing

@30:50 The game changer for the world


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