277: Hypnobirthing Confessions: These Women Tried it – Here is the Truth!


So you’re probably wondering, “Hypnobirthing? What’s that?”


It is a natural birthing technique without any medication, that uses self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labor. The benefits?

  • You’re not screaming in agony (like the typical birthing scene in films!).
  • You’re not linked up to all those bleeping machines in a brightly lit room with doctors and nurses running around you.
  • You’re not pumped full of painkiller meds (and birthing can still be a connective, intensely powerful female experience).


That’s why more and more women are opting out of the traditional hospital birth, and going for natural hypnobirthing instead. Like today’s co-host Laura Petersen (which you know from some of our previous episodes). Laura is a best-selling author and self-publishing coach – and she’s expecting her first child! She’s opted for a natural hospital birth using the Mongan Method.


Melissa Tucker, podcast host and marketing expert, has one of the most intriguing birth stories we’ve ever heard. After having two children the traditional, hospitalized, way, she was inspired to go natural. For her third child, she chose home hypnobirthing. Without epidurals, without drugs, and without doctors, she used self-hypnosis to keep herself calm, focused and centered. 


Katherine Maslen is a clinical naturopath, nutritionist, author, and host of the Shift podcast. And she too has an amazing natural birth story. But you’ll have to listen to the episode for those details 😉!



Here are the best resources if you want to research alternatives to hospital childbirth:



You can connect with Melissa via her website www.MelissaSueTucker.com. You can connect with Laura via Instagram @LaptopLaura or her website www.copythatpops.com. And you can connect with Katherine via her website https://www.theshiftclinic.com/ or https://katherinemaslen.com/ 



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What you’ll learn in Episode 277:

  • The power of affirmations
  • What’s the difference between pain and child-birth?
  • How to breathe your baby out
  • The problem with epidurals
  • How to boost your microbiome and your baby’s 
  • How inducing drugs can inhibit your natural birthing process
  • Why c-sections can damage your baby’s immune system
  • How to distract your brain from your pain
  • The best position for child-birth
  • What are the benefits of water birthing?
  • Who to allow in your birthing circle
  • The three main options for childbirth


Our favorite moments:

@5:36 You feel like a bad bitch

@40:16 You hypnotized the whole family?

@45:45 You’re superwoman


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