272: Josh Trent Part 1: How Plant Medicine and Breathwork Can Heal Emotional Wounds & Transform Consciousness


Everything you do and every thought you have is either coming from one of two places —


A Place Of Love


A Place Of Fear.


If you look at our world right now, it seems obvious that we are living too much in fear. And we need to move towards love if we want to heal – not just ourselves, but the whole world.


It took Josh Trent a long time to get to that place.


He had a rough childhood. He was a premature baby and spent the first two weeks of his life in an incubator. His dad left when he was 2 months old. His mom was bipolar. He never felt safe or peaceful at home. Without any parental presence, Josh didn’t learn how to deal with his emotions. So he found a drug. And that drug was food. It became a way to numb the feelings he didn’t know what to do with. 


At 21 years old Josh weighed 280 pounds; he was in a loveless relationship and working a job he hated. It was the perfect moment for an awakening (there just HAD to be more to life than this…). His journey began by losing weight. He spent 18 months frantically trying all the diets. But he was trying too run away from feeling bad… instead of taking action from a place of trust and self-love.


Nothing was working.


So at just 24, he sold everything and moved to Hawaii to study nutrition, to work out, and to spend time with himself – to just be. He became a personal trainer to help people lose weight and transform their lives. The thing is… he knew fitness wasn’t “it.”


So he went back to a corporate job selling technology software. It was spiritual suicide. And then he got fired. Suddenly, he felt liberated. He had something to share. Whether we know it or not, our biggest struggles are the biggest gift we can give the world. He decided to launch Wellness Force and started his podcast, Wellness Force Radio, which is now a top-ranked wellness show. 


But it was plant-medicine which really took Josh to a place of healing, and a place from which he could follow his passion. The first time he drank ayahuasca, he felt an intense, all-consuming, nurturing, loving, feminine energy. It was the very energy of the Mother Gaia – Mother Earth. 


What is ayhuasca? It is an ancient medicine – used for over 5,000 years. When you drink it, you go into an altered state. And from that place, you can simple let go…


…and let go of addictions. Any addiction – food, drugs, work, shopping – can temporarily try to cover our wounds, but they never heal them. To heal, we need to face the pain. Plant medicine takes you to the source of pain, and lets it out. Yes, it’s a drug. But so is coffee. So are opioid painkillers. Ayahuasca is not addictive. And it is even being scientifically studied because of its power to reconnect both brain hemispheres and trigger long-lasting emotional healing. 


Why do we need this? Because we’re killing the world right now. And the way we’re treating our earth and our environment, it all comes back to us. When we eat animals that have been tortured, we’re absorbing the fear that animal felt, the pharmaceuticals it was fed. Mother Earth is giving these plants to us to teach us how to heal ourselves and our world.


To begin healing, you don’t have to dive straight into plant medicine. Breathwork is another ancient tool to get to an altered state. It gets you out of your head and into your body, where trauma can come out. The following two practices are easy to do quickly on your own. 



Phase 1

  • Sit with your knees below your hips (on a meditation cushion).
  • Align your head, shoulders and hips.
  • Take a deep clearing breath, filling in your belly first and then your chest.
  • Take 21 forceful breaths.
  • Do a few rounds of box breath [5 second inhale, hold for 5 and feel your belly expand, breathe out for 5 seconds, then breathe out all your air out and feel your stomach contract].


Phase 2

This is also known as performance breathing. Breathing in quickly through your nose turns on your stress response and makes you more aware of your surroundings. 

  • Breathe in quickly for 2 seconds. 
  • Then hold for 7 seconds – this activates your vagus nerve and gets you into rest mode. 
  • Then breath out for 8 seconds. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system into healing. 


Want to get started doing breathwork? Then go to www.wellnessforce.com/M21 to download Josh’s guide and take part in the 7-day breathwork challenge. Plus you’ll discover other practices that will help you transform your morning, let go of old weight, and heal your life.


Here’s another way to take positive action for yourself and the world around you:

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What you’ll learn in Episode 272:

  • How to start making your dreams come true right now
  • The only thing you need to know about healing
  • Josh’s experiences taking ayahuasca
  • What is ayahuasca?
  • What really happens when you eat meat
  • Will we see the end of factory farming in our lifetime?
  • Is our society fatally addicted to drugs?
  • How to make time to meditate
  • Do you need to go on a vipassana?
  • How to prepare yourself for plant medicine
  • What can breathwork do for you?
  • Are you breathing right? 
  • The 3 phases of breathwork 


Our favorite moments:

@4:17 Let the magic begin

@13:09 It was spiritual suicide

@32:24 The most powerful grandmother

@38:43 Let’s talk about drugs

@41:58 The answer is YOU

@55:18 Everyone, just love

@1:08:20 All of our issues are in our tissues


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