273: Josh Trent Part 2: Your Brain on Nootropics, Calling in the One, The Freedom of Forgiveness & the Truth About 5G


We’re back for another installment of wisdom from the inspiring Josh Trent. Check out Episode 272 for Josh’s healing journey, learn about his incredible experiences with plant medicine, and discover the powerful potential of breathwork. 


Today we are constantly on the go. We’re being bathed in WiFi all the time. We’re constantly connected to our phone and it keeps pulling us back into it – notifications, emails, calls. We’re all trying to multitask and achieving less than ever. We’re all trying to set goals but failing because we’re not doing the inner work, or connecting with the emotions we want to feel. For that same reason, we’re unable to find a loving partner. If we could only connect with the understanding and deep knowledge that we are more powerful, more amazing, than we know… but sometimes we need a little help.



What are nootropics? They’re supplements that increase cognitive performance and verbal acuity. Basically, they help your neurons to function at their highest capacity. Think about it – your brain is always working, even when you don’t realize it. You’re taking in your surroundings, you’re noticing the person you’re talking to, you’re breathing, you’re digesting, you’re walking…. Not to mention dealing with the millions of emails, texts and social media messages! No wonder your brain is exhausted! Nootropics help it to work better, to think clearer, and in the long-term protect it from damage. Josh swears by supplements from Neurohacker Collective



Manifesting the one:

Who do you want in your life? A “whatever you want, baby” kind of partner, or someone who challenges you? And how do you find love in this world of Tinder and nobody having any time? After three years of being single, Josh manifested his new relationship. He was on Paul Chek’s podcast, and Paul gave him a divine union prayer to practice. “Bless me that I choose my life’s companion according to the laws of perfect soul union.” Nine days later, in the desert, Josh met Kerry Michelle on Cathedral Rock. He knew right away that they had a deep soul connection. It’s not just the prayer, of course. It’s knowing that you are in the right space for a relationship – knowing yourself and understanding that everything that has happened in your life has happened for your growth. It’s a journey towards self-love – because when you can connect with self-love, then you can call in your soulmate. The more you are in the energy of love, the more love you will attract into your life.



You know when you’re holding on to the pain that someone else caused you, and you’re stuck in victim mode, and you just can’t forgive them? We’ve all been there. But who are you hurting, ultimately? Only yourself. That feeling of anger towards another is a toxic emotion, and it can take over your life because of the negative beliefs that you unconsciously hold on to. Not only that, but you’re probably also beating yourself up about the fact you’re not being a forgiving person. Right? Double whammy. It was at a Rythmia plant medicine ceremony that Josh realized he’d spent twenty years holding on to anger at his father and believing he couldn’t trust men. By forgiving him, and then forgiving himself for having held on to that anger in the first place, Josh was able to release the emotion that was holding him back. You can too. 


What’s 5G doing to us?

Believe it or not, within the Terms & Conditions of your phone, there’s a statement that says you should never have your phone physically touching you. When the phone touches your body, it transfers the 5G into your DNA. So it’s important to keep your phone in your bag, not in your pocket. The less you have your phone touch your skin, the less the 5G will affect your body. Turn off your WiFi at night (you can buy a timer from Amazon). Put your phone on airplane mode if you’re carrying your phone in your pocket. If you want to learn more, then check out Josh’s interview with Thaddeus Owen, founder of Primal Hacker, to find out how to protect yourself.


Want to live your life well and thrive? Then get Josh’s guide for up-leveling your wellness. Check out https://wellnessforce.com/morning-21-system/.



It’s time to talk about one of my favorite supplement brands. You know how much we love their product, such as the Vegan B12 (which I take everyday). Their probiotics? Also amazing! There’s nothing in their lineup that I wouldn’t try. Why? Because I always know I can trust the source. They also have a great mission, empowering millions of people with health education and supplements that go above and beyond organic.

It’s all available to you right now at GlobalHealingCenter.com. Use the coupon code foodheals17 to get 20% off your order.


What you’ll learn in Episode 273:

  • Josh’s near-death experience and what guided him to safety
  • What is god?
  • The tools to take us back to who we are
  • The problem with “normal” religion
  • How money and religion control the world 
  • How meditation helps you find yourself
  • Why you need nootropics in your life
  • How to stop being busy and start achieving 
  • Do you have decision fatigue?
  • What’s stopping you from manifesting your ideal lover?
  • Is it possible to make money and make the world better?
  • Are we being given “bread & circus”?
  • The most powerful thing you can do to protect yourself from 5G
  • Alli’s magical healing night time drink 


Our favorite moments:

@4:33 The boomerang of love has returned

@19:14 Let’s enjoy this thing

@31:06 The sickness of the modern world

@51:00 Part of a connective field

@1:03:58 Food heals and so does time


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