269: The Magic of Manifestation Using Future Boards with Master Coach Sarah Centrella


Sarah’s story starts in 2008. She was living a normal, happy life – married to her childhood sweetheart, with children. Until one day she saw a text on her husband’s phone that revealed he had been having an affair. Her world blew up instantaneously. The life she had known for so long ended in an instant.


Three days later, they filed for divorce. She had hit rock bottom.


But often the toughest times are those we need the most, even though it might not feel like it in the moment. Her divorce was the catalyst for a new beginning. Sarah began to realize she had the freedom to invent who she wanted to be. She started making a future board – finding pictures that illustrated the life she wanted to experience, and daydreaming about it. Then the magic happened.


Why now? Because when you shift your focus from what you’ve gone through in the past, or are going through in the moment, to what you want to create, you make your dreams happen. Before she knew it, she’d manifested 95% of what she wanted.


Now, Sarah is a master coach who has worked with professional athletes and people across the world. She’s a workshop leader, keynote speaker and best-selling author. She’s living her best life, and helping people manifest their dreams.


Her latest book FutureBoards is a step by step guide to using vision boards to manifest your dream life, and is out TODAY! It’s available at Target, and if you take a photo of you with the book, post it and tag @SarahCentrella with the hashtag #futureboards, you could win free coaching, free courses, and autographed books.



How to use a vision board:

  • Define what you really want.
  • Find pictures that match what’s in your head.
  • Put yourself in your dreams in your mind.
  • Hang your vision board in your space so that you can spend time around it.
  • Get comfortable with your dreams, no matter how big they are.


What you’ll learn in Episode 269:

  • How Oprah helped Sarah move on from her divorce
  • How to manifest your goals in just 18 months
  • Using vision boards to predict your future
  • Three powerful steps to reach your goals
  • What happens when you start manifesting
  • Where to find the pictures to create your perfect future life
  • How to bust limiting beliefs that block you from living your dreams


Our favorite moments:

@5:45 The icing on the shit cake

@13:05 Some crazy magic

@17:52 It has been so life-changing

@21:36 Your brain already knows

@30:29 Do it in your closet


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