268: Sisterhood, Vegan Food, & Healthy Traveling: We’re Live from Our Italian Vegan Getaway


Picture this. A gorgeous villa built into the cliffside, surrounded by an organic farm, with an infinity pool overlooking the sea; the picturesque Italian village of Ravello, the most vegan-friendly town in Italy, with its cobbled streets, authentic restaurants and independent shops. In this perfect setting, a group of women came together to connect, learn from each other, and savor a week of total plant-based relaxation. 


Meet the ladies:


Leslie Durso – international vegan chef, working with the Four Seasons to veganize hotels all over the world. Her favorite part – going barefoot into the garden and picking food to make dinner. The super glamorous lifestyle. Swimming in private coves. Follow her on Instagram @lesliedurso


Ella Magers – founder of Sexy Fit Vegan and creator of the 6-month plant empowered coaching program. Her favorite part of the trip? Being in a gorgeous setting where the food you eat has been picked from the garden that day. Learning about the olive oil. The locals being so friendly and inviting. Follow her @sexyfitvegan


Coriann Bright – owner of Bright Living, she creates sacred spaces by combining energy healing and interior design. She loved eating divinely well while traveling, and finding so many new places that embrace vegan cuisine. But the highlight was taking the boat out to the seaside restaurant, swimming out to the caves as a group, and being in goddess energy. Oh, and words cannot express the joy of shopping in Ravello. 


Ashley Fillingim – an attorney who represents wellness entrepreneurs. She loved our first Italian Getaway retreat so much she came back this year. She couldn’t pick a favorite thing. The place just calls to her. The peace and simplicity, alongside the explosion of light and color is what keeps bringing her back. Learning how to live simply and elegantly. Connecting with empowered, fun, intelligent women, sharing stories and being supportive. Follow her on Instagram @kickashlife.  


Jill Tomback – Alli’s longtime friend and a teacher. Check out episodes 26, 27 and 28 for her healing story! This retreat was the first time she landed in Europe and she was beyond blown away. The lemons, the food, the people, the artistry that goes into everything that’s made, the lack of mass production… but mostly, the healthy environment. Check her out on Instagram @jillctomback.



Susmitha Subbaraju – a vegan restauranteur (Carrots, the first vegan restaurant in India!), light worker, spiritual entrepreneur and jeweler from India. A year ago, she stumbled on the Spiritual Boss Babes episode, and it resonated so much she knew she had to meet Leslie and Alli. It was connections that brought her to the retreat. Women being there for each other and lifting each other up. Check her out on Instagram @veganosaurus and @carrotsrestaurant


Cynthia Bomaster – a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation. She’s loved getting to know everyone on this retreat. Each woman is so powerful and inspiring in their own right, has been so accepting, inclusive and open. It’s been wonderful to make new friends! Loved the community set up that encourages being physical active every day. Follow her on Instagram @simplylivefully


Alli – the greatest thing about coming to Ravello again this year? Experiencing new places and foods. Like the vegan cheesecake (culinary art!). Loving the combination of being on vacation and eating the healthiest, tastiest foods. No, not just lettuce – eating the most divine, gorgeous dishes. And of course, the wine. You can indulge AND still be healthy.


Tips for vegan healthy eating while traveling:

  • Connect with restaurateurs
  • Don’t be shy, smile and ask – put a positive spin on it
  • Stay curious, you never know what you might learn
  • Do a little bit of research, and then go with the flow
  • Reach out to Leslie for advice or check out her guide for vegan traveling (www.lesliedurso.com/travel)
  • Check out Sexy Fit Vegan’s latest blog for travel tips (https://sexyfitvegan.com/healthy-vegan-travel/)


Want to join us next year? Go to www.foodhealsnation.com/italy to get on the mailing list. 


What you’ll learn in Episode 268:

  • How Leslie made Ravello a vegan paradise 
  • What makes retreats magical
  • How to live simply and elegantly
  • Why gyms aren’t needed in Ravello
  • How to create a healthy environment wherever you are
  • The power of sisterhood


Our favorite moments:

@5:03 Vegan food paradise

@9:25 The power of living well

@15:27 Sprinkle that fairy dust

@22:45 I never want to go home

@27:40 My cheeks hurt from smiling


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