263: How to Reprogram & Repopulate Your Gut Microbiome for Optimal Wellness with Dr. Marvin Singh


If you’re struggling with your health, chances are it started in your gut. Supporting your microbiome is the first step towards optimal wellness.


What’s in your gut?

What is your microbiome? Basically, it’s the community of friendly bacteria living in your gut. And they rule everything – from releasing hormones and neurotransmitters, to affecting how you think and feel. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.


The gut keeps you safe from autoimmune conditions, like multiple sclerosis and chronic diseases. Why? First, you need to know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Inflammation, which is the root cause of disease, begins in the gut microbiome. Your gut bacteria creates inflammatory responses as a result of certain triggers – usually a combination of diet, stress, medications, toxins etc. Chronic inflammation happens when the immune system doesn’t shut off this response, and ends up attacking itself.


By giving the microbiome what it needs, you can stop this inflammatory response, and reverse chronic disease and autoimmune conditions.


The composition of your gut is completely unique to you. That means that your journey to healing will be different to someone else’s. It’s no use simply jumping on the latest health trend. You need to take a closer look at your body to work out the approaches that will work for you. This means working with someone who understands the gut microbiome and how to heal it.


The Gut Doctor

Dr. Marvin Singh is an integrative gastroenterologist. He went to med school, but he wasn’t a healthy doctor. He was overweight and had early signs of fatty liver disease. As he reflected on this, he realized how little he knew about nutrition. So he enrolled in an integrative medicine fellowship, and discovered there’s more to health than the standard pharmaceutical methods. He began applying what he’d learnt to his own life and within 3 months he had lost 40 pounds. He realized he could help people heal themselves by taking a comprehensive approach – one that brings together nutrition, genetics and meditation. So now he combines some of the conventional methods with holistic, integrative medicine and nutritional genetics to guide his patients back towards total wellness.



Your Lifestyle and Your Gut

Although we’re all different, we share one commonality: if you give your body the chance to do what it wants to do, what it’s naturally designed to do, then it will do the best it can. The body is designed to heal itself if you give it the tools it needs. And while those tools differ slightly from person to person, there are certain common approaches that will work for everyone. Diet and nutrition play a huge role, but so does your overall quality of life. Dr. Singh begins with a back-to-basics look at your lifestyle:


  • How are you sleeping?
  • How much are you exercising?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you stressed?


Dr. Singh’s Tips for Healing:

  • Take it easy in the beginning, trying to do everything at once will be too overwhelming and cause stress.
  • Start with one or two changes a week.
  • Give up sugar – sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut and creates microbiome imbalances.
  • Fill up on fiber – fiber feeds the good bacteria in your gut and helps it produce healing chemicals.
  • Reduce stress – stress chronically suppresses the diversity of your microbiome. Your thoughts can change the composition of your microbiome. At the same time, the composition of your microbiome can change your thoughts and emotions. It’s a two-way super highway. That’s why meditation and mindset are a key part of healing.
  • Nutritional genetics will work out your genes, microbiome composition and food sensitivities to help you find which foods are best for you.
  • Work with a doctor who understands the microbiome – like Dr. Singh!


Dr. Singh’s message is an optimistic one: everyone can get well, but you just have to work with someone who understands you and helps you get to that point. Remember that the path to wellness is not a punishment, you can have fun while learning and trying new things. Check out Dr. Singh’s free e-book, the 4-Week Gut Reset, or send him a message on social media.


What you’ll learn in Episode 263:

  • How to reduce your risk of all diseases by 66%
  • The problem with sugar
  • Top cancer-fighting foods
  • The problem with fiber supplements
  • Finally settling the fruit and sugar debate
  • The best fruits to eat for health
  • Juices vs smoothies – which is best?
  • Can you go keto but not eat meat?
  • Are you missing the mark with keto?
  • Can you reverse multiple sclerosis?
  • The link between your gut and autoimmune diseases
  • How Dr. Singh turbo-boosted his weight loss
  • What happens to your microbiome when you have an argument
  • How to stop craving cake

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Our favorite moments:

@3:25 It was like magic

@9:46 That’s my mantra

@14:50 I believe in the power of fruit

@29:32 There’s no universal diet

@39:40 Your thoughts change the composition of the gut microbiome


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