262: Transformational Tools to Design Your Dream Life with Gabby Bernstein, Adam Schaeuble and Laura Powers


In order to create the happy, healthy, wealthy life we are dreaming of, we can’t just sit back and dream, we need tools.


Tools to manifest abundance in all areas of our life. Whether you want to make changes to your health, personal life, family life or career we’ve got you covered with the transformational tools to design your dream life in this bonus episode of Food Heals!


In episode 262, we have brought together three Mega-Manifestors, Adam Schaeuble, Laura Powers and Gabby Bernstein! What these three all have in common is that they have truly designed the life that envisioned for themselves.


Today, they will teach us their practical, tactical, and spiritual tools so that you too, can design the life you are dreaming of.


First up is Million Pound Mission’s Adam Schaeuble who created a five year plan to completely transform his life. He overhauled his lifestyle, lost over 100lbs, created his dream family, business and life and now helps others do the same.


Then Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers is back to talk about the tools she used to lose 40 pounds, change her diet, change her career, write 7 books and now travel the world.


And finally Gabby Bernstein is a former New York City publicist and party girl turned to New York Times bestselling author and go-to guide for the next generation. She’s revealing the exact steps she took to become a motivational speaker, life coach, and author.



🌟 How to Declare Your Dream Life By Speaking Out Loud
🌟 Why Tenacity is Key To Your Success
🌟 The Real Secret to Manifestation
🌟 How to Manifest What you Want By Co-Creating with the Universe
🌟 The Fastest Way to Heal Your Physical Body
🌟 How to Pick Yourself Up When You Hit Bottom
🌟 How Sharing Your Story Can Help Others Heal
🌟 How to Have Gratitude for Your Trauma 

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