255: Healing Before You’re Cured: The Link Between Unresolved Emotions & Cancer With Dr. Roy Vongtama


Very few guests get us as excited as Dr. Roy Vongtama. He’s doing the kind of work Alli wishes she’d known about when her parents were diagnosed with cancer. But back then, she lived in a small town with no access to green juices, no meditation studios, and no understanding of the emotional component in disease or the power of the body to heal itself.


The connection between trauma and cancer is not spiritual la la land. It is scientifically proven. Take ACES, the Adverse Childhood Experience Study. Scientists found that people who had experienced just one emotional trauma were at higher risk of disease (and actually doubled their risk of cancer).


And it isn’t just trauma. The way you think and feel everyday can suppress your genes, so the emotions can’t leave your body; it stays trapped within your cells. When you keep resentment, for example (“This shouldn’t have happened”) trapped within you, it eventually turns to anger – then rage. And rage is destructive. Exactly like cancer, it destroys everything in its path, including its own home (your body).


Do you have rage trapped in your body? Dr. Roy offers 3 questions to help you figure that out:

  • How is your relationship with your parents?
  • How are your current relationships?
  • Have you ever experienced abuse?


Go to www.MDRoy.com to get a full list of questions. If you fit the criteria, you may need to address the issue. Because here’s the thing. To overcome this, you have to own it. You have to express it. You have to accept it. Only THEN can you do something about it.



Who is Dr. Roy? He grew up as the son of two doctors, and was trained in western medicine. He soon noticed that many of his cancer patients were struggling with unexpressed emotions and past trauma. This spurred him on to go deeper into the research and discover what causes cancer in the first place, and what we can do to heal ourselves. Diet is important, but that’s just one small part of it. Health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. That means healing needs to involve all those aspects. His book Healing Before You’re Cured is the result of his research: evidence-based strategies to help you heal all parts of your life.


Try getting rid of your trapped emotions by following Dr. Roy’s Burn Page practice (similar to Alli’s Write and Burn process).

  1. Go to a quiet room (no phone).
  2. Write whatever comes to mind, for 30 minutes. Get everything out of your system so that it also gets out of your body. Feel like something is “too stupid” to write? Just keep going and deeper stuff will come to the surface.
  3. Tear up the pages.
  4. Experience the transformative power as you get rid of trapped negativity and reconnecting with peace. It might be painful to begin with, but change happens when the pain happens. You have to feel these emotions in order to heal them.



Text “HEAL” to 345345 and Dr. Roy will send you everything you need to discover how healthy you are, what’s missing, and what you can do to heal. You can also sign up to his free email course by going to royvmd.com.


Make sure you tune in for Part Two, because Dr. Roy will be answering your questions and sharing everything you need to know about how to heal yourself.  


What you’ll learn in Episode 255:

  • The link between medication and cancer
  • Can disease be caused by emotions?
  • Denial and its link to cancer
  • How resentment affects your body
  • The red flag you need to take notice of
  • One transformational practice to release trapped negativity
  • The science behind manifestation
  • Why making just one small change can transform your life
  • Alli’s mantra for change
  • What your relationships tell you about yourself


Our favorite moments:

@5:14 You can really make a change

@9:22 Does it spark joy??

@17:40 Do you really want to know?

@31:09 We attract what we need to learn

@44:10 That’s not woowoo


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Healing before you’re cured

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