254: Overcoming Anxiety & Depression Series Part 2 – Conversations With a Vegan Entrepreneur, a Plant-Based Chef & a DNA Energy Healer


Part 2 of our Overcoming Anxiety Series welcomes three amazing people who have a lot of expertise to share about this topic. And keep reading…because all three guests have special gifts to offer Food Heals Nation!


Whitney Lauritsen does a lot of work in the wellness world. Her brand EcoVeganGal helps people go plant-based and be more eco-conscious. She also runs the wellness coaching business Wellevatr with Jason Wrobel.


Whitney struggled with depression throughout college. For her, overcoming anxiety and depression is an ongoing process. Whenever she feels those emotions, she looks for the opportunity to go within. It’s about slowing down and trying to identify the source of those feelings. Even if you don’t know their root, just giving yourself some space can help lift you out of a sad mood.


Melissa Glazewski is a private plant-based chef, helping people to eat healthier and thrive. She’s the founder of ForkinPlants.com. Growing up with alcoholic parents meant Melissa had a lot of anxiety and depression issues. The pharmaceuticals she was prescribed just made her worse. So she quit them and went down the holistic route, using herbal remedies, diet and meditation to improve her mood. The best supplement she’s found is ashwagandha, an adaptogen that helps your body adapt to and deal with stress. We love Four Sigmatic’s instant coffee with added ashwagandha (coffee without the jitters!).



Whitney & Melissa tips to overcome anxiety and depression:

  • Accept where you are (and it will pass).
  • Shine a light on your light – Ask a friend to say something positive about you, read out positive affirmations, have positive conversations.
  • Surround yourself with your tribe – You are the epitome of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose your friends wisely! Call people who are uplifting, who will listen, who light you up. Be conscious about who you reach out to, especially when you’re feeling low.
  • Don’t wallow –  Are you choosing to feel down because it is more comfortable and familiar? Be committed to feeling better. You can empower yourself and decide you are going to take your mental health into your own hands. When you do that, anything you do to lift your mood will be doubly powerful, and you will begin to see results fast.
  • Eat clean – Your gut is your second brain. If it’s not right, how can you expect your brain to function properly? If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, it could be diet related.
  • Meditate (every day) –  This can be a tough one, especially if you have a naturally active mind. That’s where Alli’s Write & Burn process can really help.


How to overcome anxiety with write & burn:

  1. Make sure you’re alone.
  2. Grab some loose-leaf paper.
  3. Write down “I am angry/sad/depressed because ….” Pour everything out onto that page. It could be that person who cut you up on the road, or something deeper. Do this to bring out all the feelings – freeing your body from those stuck emotions in the process.
  4. Once you’re done, it’s time to burn the pages (or rip them up) and get rid of that energy.
  5. Feel the emotional release. This is the perfect time to meditate because your mind will be clear.


Have you inherited your anxiety from your ancestors?

We all carry energy from our ancestors. It can be great energy, but it can also energy that holds us back. Lisa Thomas is a DNA energy healer. She helps clients clear inherited patterns and release the anxiety tags that keep them from thriving. Lisa had a lot of anxiety and depression because she didn’t own who she was. When we don’t fully accept who we are, it triggers anxiety. Anxiety also shows up when we need to be in control. Check out Episode 215 for Lisa’s story.


Lisa’s steps to overcome anxiety and depression:

  • Count to 12 – Say each number, pause and take a breath. The number 12 is a balancing number. It connects you to your heart. This practice allows you to pause enough to get connected to your body.
  • Lay the palm of your hand flat on the top of your head – Close your hand so it pulls a handful of hair. Pulse it so that it lifts the hair at the root. This tells your body to get back into connection with your spirit. For men, use the knuckles of your dominant hand to tap along the top of your head.
  • Heaven and Earth exercise – This practice will bring you back to center. Reach up with your right hand, open and close your hand, and as you pull down your arm, imagine you are pulling Heaven’s energy down through the top of your head. Stop at your heart space. With both arms and with your hands open, scoop up the energy of Mother Earth through the bottom of your feet, all the way up to your heart, where it mixes with Heaven’s energy. Imagine this combined energy is coming up the front of your body, around your head and down your back.

If you want to go deeper and clear inherited anxiety, get in touch with Lisa. Alli works with her and loves it.



*You Are Enough* – A new workbook to help you figure out limiting beliefs you have about yourself and break through them. (Sign up to the list, text the word MOOD to 66866 and you will instantly receive this workbook for FREE.) If you text, Whitney will also try to send you some of Jason Wrobel’s other free resources around boosting mood with food. You can also download this guide from https://www.wellevatr.com.


*Healthy Pantry Swap Guide* – This will take you through six common ingredients and some healthier alternatives. (Go to www.forkinplants.com, sign up to Melissa’s newsletter and you’ll get the guide straight to your inbox.)


*DNA Clearing Session* –  Get $100 off of a session with Lisa Thomas. How? (Go to www.foodhealsnation.com/lisa to book and mention Food Heals.)


What you’ll learn in Episode 254:

  • Simple ways to trigger positive emotions
  • A natural remedy to soothe your pet’s anxiety
  • How to balance out the caffeine jitters
  • The difference between brain chemical imbalance and feeling low
  • Ways to give yourself a self-esteem boost
  • Quick, simple tips to pull yourself out of depression
  • The magic number for self-soothing
  • How to get out of a panic attack


Our favorite moments:

@10:15 He laughed and laughed and laughed

@26:46 Feel the pain, things change

@30:50 Write it down girl


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Another Way To Beat Anxiety – Sunday Scaries’ CBD Gummies!

Before becoming a CBD entrepreneur, Beau owned a bar with his friend Mike. They were always on the clock, always on the go – it was a high stress lifestyle which, unsurprisingly, created a lot of anxiety. They wanted something to help them deal with it naturally, so they began trying CBD. It worked, but the products were unpleasant to take, impractical or messy. So they decided to create something that made CBD accessible, tasty, and easy to take.

Sunday Scaries was born. Its mission? To make the world a better place one gummy at a time.

NOTE: CBD will not get you high. It contains medicinal compounds that reduce inflammation, nausea, pain and anxiety. CBD is an adaptogenic, which means that it helps the body heal itself. It’s completely safe and non-toxic, something that the World Health Organization has now confirmed. What makes Sunday Scaries even better is that they’re infused with high quality CBD from Colorado, which means added vitamins like D3 and B12 (we love the Vegan AF ones!). 








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