256: Q&A with Dr. Roy Vongtama: Healing Mind, Body & Spirit to Prevent & Reverse Cancer


In today’s episode, Dr. Roy answers Food Heals Nation’s questions on health, healing, and cancer.


Dr. Roy specializes in cancer prevention and reversal. But he doesn’t do it in the traditional way. He combines his background as a Buddhist, western medical training, in-depth research into alternative healing, mental health therapies and meditation into the House of Health, a scientifically backed-up system you can use to heal yourself.


#1. How do you know if you have physical/emotional/spiritual issues you need to deal with?

Look at your present life. How are things going? If they’re not going well, there’s something you need to look at. In Dr. Roy’s book, Healing Before You’re Cured, you’ll find 10 questions to help you figure out what is going on, and strategies to help you address whatever comes up. You can also tune into Episode 255, where Dr. Roy shares some simple strategies to quickly release negative emotions.


#2. How can we deal with chronic stress?

Chronic stress can lead to disease. And we are constantly stressed these days with all the demands we have to deal with – work, social media, expectations. But what is disease? It’s a state of not having ease.


We need to get out of chronic stress into a state of ease. But how? Simple. Inhale, tense your body completely, and double exhale. Do it three times. Your body will automatically respond to the physical tensing by relaxing.


Here’s another strategy. In your brain, the limbic system deals with fight of flight – when you’re stressed, it sends a signal to your adrenal glands to release epinephrine, which in turn causes a physical reaction. It’s important to get out of that part of your brain, otherwise you carry on the stress response throughout the day, or longer.



Here’s how you shift to another part of your brain:


  • Close your eyes and picture the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
  • Inhale that picture into your brain.
  • Exhale.
  • Smell the most beautiful thing you’ve ever smelt.
  • Inhale that smell.
  • Exhale.


This exercise connects you to something that is beautiful to you. These memories are in the cortex part of your brain. You cannot focus on two parts of your brain at the same time. By getting into the cortex, you move out of the limbic, and therefore out of that feeling of stress. You shut down the stress response and connect with peace.


#3. Where do you start after a cancer diagnosis?

First, don’t choose one or the other. You have both eastern and western methodologies at your disposal. Eastern medicine is over 7000 years old, and deals with the mental, emotional and spiritual side. Western medicine deals with technology and drugs, and has billions of dollars’ worth of research behind it.


Dr. Roy’s advice? Do both!


Second, stop thinking about death. In life, nobody makes it out alive, cancer or no cancer. No one lives forever. Take death off the plate, and focus instead on how you want this to go.


Finally, take ownership. This is your life. Make a decision and get on with it.


With these three steps, you’re in a solid place to move forward. Things will start to come to you, depending on what you need to heal on your journey.


#4. How can we help people who don’t want to hear about the holistic part of healing?

You can’t treat someone who doesn’t want to be treated. You can’t fix someone. If you want to help, you have to first respect that person’s needs.


Instead of telling them what you think is right, ask them what they need or want to know right now. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable and share how important it is to you. But accept that they might not want your help or your advice. For healing to take place, there has to be free will, that person has to want to heal. Pushing information on them will only build resentment. Accept where they are, lead by example and stay hopeful – because sometimes people change their minds.


If you want to know more, pick up Dr. Roy’s new book Healing Before You’re Cured, which is packed with simple evidence-based techniques you can use to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of your life. You can also sign up to Dr. Roy’s free email course by texting HEAL to 345345 or going to www.drvmd.com.


What you’ll learn in Episode 256:

  • How to instantly go from stressed to calm
  • One practice to re-wire your brain out of fight or flight
  • Why it’s better to keep some things to yourself
  • The beauty of “and”
  • Where to start if you get diagnosed with cancer
  • How to blend east and west for the best healing potential
  • How to help people heal when they don’t want to hear it


Our favorite moments:

@2:10 So happy and excited

@6:50 Free and easy

@10:50 Re-grooving the brain

@16:00 The best thing that ever happened


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