253: Overcoming Anxiety Series Part 1: Best Tips to Combat Anxiety Naturally With Empowerment Strategist JJ Flizanes and CBD Entrepreneur Beau


Over 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety – that’s around 20% of the population. Whether it’s relationship anxiety, workplace anxiety, social media anxiety or general anxiety, it has the power to zap your quality of life. So, what can we do about it?


According to empowerment strategist, fitness expert, author and podcast host JJ Flizanes, we’ve been dealing with it all wrong. Pharmaceuticals are not the solution. The first step to overcoming anxiety is to transform how we think about it.


We go through hundreds of emotions every single day. Unless these are properly processed, they remain stuck in the body, eventually creating discomfort, disease, and, you guessed it, anxiety. Anxiety is basically the body’s way of telling you something needs to be addressed. Looking at anxiety the JJ way gives you more tools with which you can address the root cause of the problem. And if you get to the root, you can stop it from happening.


JJ’s 3-step anxiety-busting process:

  1. Identify your feelings – go deep. Download JJ’s Feelings and Needs list, look at the 100 words on there and compile a list of how you feel.
  2. Understand what need isn’t being met. Anytime you have a negative emotion, it’s because you have a need that is not being met. Figure out what that is so you can start healing it.
  3. List or come up with strategies to get your needs met, without forcing anyone else to change who they are. It cannot be about anyone else but you. How can you address your needs for yourself? Check out Episode 118 of JJ’s Spirit Purpose & Energy podcast for 3 steps to effective communication.



Want to work with JJ and manifest your dream life?

Check out JJ’s next event in LA on October 11th to 13th. The Manifestation Boot Camp will teach you how to embody the law of attraction on all levels – creative, practical and emotional.


CBD – The Anxiety Antidote

Inner work goes a long way to helping you combat anxiety. Another thing you can do? Add anxiety-busting supplements, like CBD, to your routine.


Before he became a CBD entrepreneur, Beau owned a bar with his friend Mike. They were always on the clock, always on the go – it was a high stress lifestyle which, unsurprisingly, created a lot of anxiety. They wanted something to help them deal with it naturally, so they began trying CBD. It worked, but the products were unpleasant to take, impractical or messy. So they decided to create something that made CBD accessible, tasty, and easy to take.


Sunday Scaries was born. Its mission? To make the world a better place one gummy at a time.


NOTE: CBD will not get you high. It contains medicinal compounds that reduce inflammation, nausea, pain and anxiety. CBD is an adaptogenic, which means that it helps the body heal itself. It’s completely safe and non-toxic, something that the World Health Organization has now confirmed. What makes Sunday Scaries even better is that they’re infused with high quality CBD from Colorado, which means added vitamins like D3 and B12 (we love the Vegan AF ones!). 


Beau’s tips to overcome anxiety:

  • 5-minute journal in the morning – Write down 3 things you’re grateful for, 3 things that will make the day great, and 2 affirmations for the day.
  • 5-minute journal at night: – 3 things that were amazing today, 3 ways you could have improved the day, and how you can set yourself up for success the next day.
  • Meditate in the morning (and some form of exercise).
  • NO social media or email first thing in the morning.
  • Anxiety can’t exist when you’re grateful. If you start feeling anxious, stop and take a moment to think about the 3 things you’re grateful for.


What you’ll learn in Episode 253:

  • Is anxiety a scapegoat for deeper issues?
  • Why you are not powerless against anxiety
  • How emotions get stuck in your body
  • The link between your zodiac sign and how you process emotions
  • A mindset shift that will transform how you deal with anxiety
  • The problem with 12-step programs
  • One trick to free yourself from any craving
  • A 3-step process that is a total game-changer
  • How CBD healed Beau’s anxiety
  • All you need to do to combat inflammation and disease
  • Can you overdose on CBD?


Our favorite moments:

@13:45 The craving is gone

@18:14 This is the news flash

@28:40 Change happens when the pain happens

@30:39 We’re just here to have a good time

@40:25 A glass of wine never hurts

@48:23 They are freaking delicious


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