252: Puerto Rico: Masterminds, Holistic Dentistry and Making a Positive Impact (Travel Series Part 3 of 3)


This special episode comes to you from Puerto Rico Mastermind, where Alli met some amazing womenpreneurs whose businesses are making a positive impact on the world. Want to start a podcast? Need a new level of inspiration? Coming to this event is one of the most impactful things you can do!


Now, let’s get to know these three incredible ladies:


Gena: Holistic Dentistry

Mercury fillings are implicated in the development of all sorts of diseases, like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Women exposed to them have a higher risk of having a child with ADHD and neurological issues. Dr. Gena Schultheis used to be a traditional dentist, prescribing mercury fillings. Now, she takes them out and helps people back to health through detoxing, a healthy diet and holistic dentistry.


How can you detox from mercury? You have to go beyond diet, because mercury embeds itself in organs and is hard to get rid of. Chelation, saunas, Epsom salts, detoxifying supplements, chlorella and cilantro are all good options – the best thing is to work with a practitioner who will give you a personalized protocol. To find a holistic dentist, check out the Holistic Dental Association, or the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.


Why Gena loves Puerto Rico Mastermind

Learning from one another and working together to turn the world into a collaborative supportive place.


Sue: Co-creation as a key to success

Sue Dyer is president of OrgMetrics LLC. When she started working in construction, there was no spirit of collaboration – at her first meeting there was a fist fight in the bathroom! But for the last 40 years, Sue has been changing the culture of construction from combative to collaborative. Because let’s face it, we can achieve much more when we work together. In fact, you can be 40% more successful when you collaborate.


Why Sue loves Puerto Rico Mastermind

Co-creation is what you need to level up in every aspect of your life. That’s why masterminds work. When you collaborate and co-create, you’re accessing a collective wisdom that you don’t connect with on your own.



Dorothy: Your success helps the world

Dorothy Illson helps her clients bust through limiting beliefs about money, increase their income, and maximize their impact. Many of us feel shame about wanting to be successful and make money. But there shouldn’t be shame in that – the more abundance you create in your life, the more leverage you have to make an impact on the world.


The desire to make money and to make a positive difference are not opposing ambitions. You need one to achieve the other. If you’re miserable and struggling financially, you don’t have the emotional space or time to go out and make an impact in the world. Dorothy promotes for-purpose businesses, where giving back is built into the business model. This is something consumers are already beginning to demand – they want to buy from a brand that makes the world a better place.


We love her podcast Do Well and Do Good.


Why Dorothy Loves Puerto Rico Mastermind

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and authentic. That’s the most powerful thing you can do.


Bonus Travel Tip

Alli’s must-have when traveling is Organifi green juice powder. This was a life-saver in Puerto Rico.

When you travel, you don’t know where the next juice bar will be. Or if there’s a Whole Foods. Or if there will even BE any healthy options. But with jet lag, travel stress, and lack of sleep, you need to give your body as many nutrients as possible to stay well and make the most of your time.

Organifi is a detoxifying blend herbs and vegetables like chlorella, moringa, spirulina, mint, beets, matcha, wheatgrass, ashwagandha, turmeric, coconut water and more. Perfect for jumpstarting your energy… and kicking those wine hangovers to the curb. Food Heals Nation listeners get 20% off their first order with coupon code foodheals.


What you’ll learn in Episode 252:

  • Is metal mouth syndrome real?
  • How to transform your mindset about money and attract it into your life
  • How to live 20 years longer
  • The truth about mercury fillings and neurotoxicity
  • What causes Alzheimer’s disease
  • How to be 40% more successful
  • How to create a culture of collaboration
  • How to level-up your business, your health and your life
  • Why your success is key to global change


Our favorite moments:

@5:09 From your mouth to your toes

@8:33 Yes, it’s reversible!

@13:45 Fist fight in the bathroom??

@15:28 Collaboration is evolution

@17:18 Who wants to be normal?

@19:20 Mic drop


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The End of Alzheimer’s by Dr Bredesen

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