251: Vegan, Organic, Healthy, Time-Saving, Headache-Curing Travel Tips (Travel Series Part 2 of 3)


In part 2 of our Round Table, we say goodbye to Melissa (our amazing PA, check her out at ForkinPlants) and hello to the beautiful and super talented vegan chef Leslie Durso! She joins our panel of plant-based peeps, Whitney Lauritsen, a vegan entrepreneur and coach on a mission to help conscious brands grow, and Erica Mandy, a journalist and founder of theNewsWorthy.

In Part 2, our guests have 9 more incredible travel tips coming your way. They learned the hard way so you don’t have to!


Travel tip #8

  • Download What You Need – Make sure you download your podcast episodes (or videos, or ebooks) so you have something to listen to, read or watch while you travel. Alli uses the Overcast App. And if you need to work, download the web pages you need to reference. Your Google drive can be accessed offline so you can work on your documents without needing wifi.


Travel tip #9

  • Always Be On Germ Patrol – When you sit on the plane, make sure you wipe the seat, window, and tray table. You really don’t want to pick up germs before you’re on holiday. You can also bring a natural antibacterial spray and essential oils to keep your hands clean.


Travel tip #10

  • Water, Always Water – Make sure you stay hydrated while you travel. Whitney uses a LifeStraw – it screws onto any water bottle and will filter your water. Do not drink coffee or tea while you’re travelling; caffeine will just dehydrate you.


Travel tip #11

  • Love Your Body And It’ll Love You Back – Take plenty of turmeric and ginger before you travel. Their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will knock out any germs, help regulate your body and keep it healthy on your travels. Pack some probiotics as well. This will help if you’re going to countries where the food is not what you’re used to eating.


Travel tip #12

  • Jet Lag Be Gone! – Change your sleep routine with the Jet Lag Rooster app. It will create a schedule for you to tell you when to go to bed, when to get sunlight, and more, so that you can avoid jet lag. You can also get blue light glasses, which block the light from the plane and help your body adjust to different time zones (Swanwick do stylish ones!). 



Travel tip #13

Style & Comfort – Always bring a pashmina with you – you can use it as a blanket and a pillow in unexpected places where you really need some rest. It makes the perfect neck support if you wrap it around your water bottle.


Travel tip #14

Catch Some In-Flight Shut Eye – With all that time you spend on planes, it’s best not to forget accessories to make the flight more comfortable. Our favorite eye mask is the Dream Sleeper, super comfortable. We also love Sleep Buds – headphones you can sleep with! The fleece ones feel amazing.


Travel tip #15

Don’t Leave Your Eating Habits On The Runway – Pack healthy foods for the plane, like nuts, fruit (like oranges or apples – but beware, you’ll have to eat them before you get off the plane because some states have strict restrictions on what fruit can be brought in), cucumber and hummus, little packets of olives, or even vegan cheese and crackers.

You can also tell the airplane your dietary preferences ahead of time.


Travel tip #16

Go Anywhere, Way Easier – One of the best hacks if you’re travelling internationally is signing up for Global Entry. You’ll avoid the long lines that way, which really comes in handy when you’ve gotta make that connection.


Travel tip #17

Finally, Alli’s must-have travel essential – Organifi!

A big bottle of green juice won’t make it through airport security. But with Organifi green juice powder, you can drink your greens even when you travel. Organifi gives you a healthy helping of detoxifying herbs and vegetables like chlorella, moringa, spirulina, mint, beets, matcha, wheatgrass, ashwagandha, turmeric, coconut water and more – everything your body needs to kickstart your day.

Food Heals Nation listeners get 20% off their first order with coupon code foodheals.


Food Heals Podcast Vegan Italian Getaway 2.0 – June 15 – 22, 2019

We did a little wine tasting during our panel (we absolutely love Scout & Cellar’s wine selection)…

…and speaking of wine tasting, we’ll be doing some more of that on our next Italian Vegan Getaway! This is an intimate women-only retreat. You’ll feel like one of the locals since Ravello is a town Leslie has been going to for years. No tourist buses, no huge groups – just 12 like-minded women. There are just a couple of spots left so if you’ve yet to join us…. What are you waiting for? Go to www.foodhealsnation.com/italy for all the details, or check out Leslie’s Instagram stories. Or email Alli with any questions at info@foodhealsnation.com.


What you’ll learn in Episode 251:

  • A chef’s perspective on olive oil (and what you need to look for on the label!)
  • The disgusting truth about airplane seats
  • What you didn’t know about airplane water
  • How to avoid jet lag
  • Alli’s go-to travel supplements
  • The mega-inflammatory Leslie takes to sooth painful joints
  • What happened when Leslie drank 4 bottles of champagne
  • How to create a calm environment on the plane
  • How to make sure your airplane food is fresh


Our favorite moments:

@1:20 It taste likes sunshine

@24:26 A line of… supplements

@26:39 Unless you’re going to Vegas

@34:20 Gucci are you hearing me?


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