25: #TBT What no one tells you about healing


Today’s #TBT episode is a departure from our normal #TBT interview from our Food Heals documentary.  In today’s episode, we are airing an interview that Allison did for JJ Flizanes Fit 2 Love Podcast.  Allison shares the very personal story of losing her parents to cancer, and how that forever changed her.  Up until that time, Allison was like anyone else – eating too much fast fast food, completely oblivious to the impact of food on your body, and she only exercised so she could look good in a bathing suit.  However, all of that changed with the cancer diagnosis.  Allison shares her mission to heal her parents with holistic methods, and the lessons she learned along the way.  You don’t want to miss a moment of this episode!  It’s a great opportunity to get to know Allison better!



Our Favorite Moments:

@6:50 – Continuing her parents legacy

@8:00 – Before Allison became woke up

@10:00 – Mom’s multiple sclerosis

@13:30 – The hardest time of Allison’s life

@17:55 – Treating stage 4 Liver cancer for Dad

@19:00 – Letting go of my need to heal

@21:26 – Compounded grief

@22:30 – A master’s degree in self-forgiveness

@24:30 – The Sagittarius comes out

@26:00 – Top Life lessons




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