24: Conscious Eating with Magda Freedom Rod


You can’t even imagine how excited we are about this episode!  Our guest is Magda Freedom Rod, and while we can say so much about her, let’s just face it – she’s a Conscious Living Guru!  This episode has so many tips and so much value if you truly want to live a life that aligns with your values.  One of the things we love about Magda is that she allows you to take the time you need and make the step by step changes to align your life to your values.  She’s not preachy and she isn’t going to judge you if you can’t make a 180 degree change tomorrow.  Magda’s message is all about educating yourself to make the right choices.  And then implementing it day by day.  I think you are going to love this episode – we just couldn’t get enough of Magda!

Here’s a snippet from Magda’s website:

Magda Freedom Rod founded Visionary in 2007. Visionary Lifestyle is a resource for people to learn how to activate their highest potential. Healing the world begins with healing ourselves. Our approach is visionary, holistic and sustainable. I am here to help guide people who would like to uplevel their health and wellness and lead a more sustainable, balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle . Whether you are suffering from a disease, looking to prevent developing one, or simply need guidance around sustainable health and wellness, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

“It is my honor to help you activate your highest potential by empowering you with the knowledge and tools that will transform your life and in turn, the world!”


Our Favorite Moments:

@4;35  – Magda explains what conscious eating is

@5:35 – Going from “me” to “we” conciousness

@8:00 – Steps that really will end the drought

@9:15 – The film that articulated the statistical impact of conscious eating

@13:00 – When is bacon diet food

@14:40 – Magda favorite protein source

@16:20 – Crack corn – you will want to try it

@20:00 – Every bite you take is a vote

@22:04 – The film that caused Magda to become an environmentalist

@23:34- Eco-Chic Boutique

@24:27 – Eco-MacGyver?  Really?

@29:23 – There’s a lot of value in planting seeds

@30:42 – The one tool you should drop $500 on to enhance your healthy lifestyle

@32:00 – Hemp, hemp hooray

@37:17 – How yoga keeps Magda sane

@38:48 – Air quotes and what they mean

@59:20 – Massage your kale

@62:02 – Angry vegans do exist, but you don’t have to be one

@64:04 – Don’t listen to Beyonce


Magda’s Tips for Conscious Living and Eating:

1.  Top ingredients to get into your diet immediately:

Chia seeds – this is a super food and it is packed with fiber and good fat.  There are recipes on Magda’s website for some different chia seed “puddings” that you can make ahead of time and grab for breakfast.

Lentils – it’s a great source of plant based protein, and it also packs a lot of fiber.

Flax seed – 2 T. each morning will help prevent breast cancer and it has actually been proven to shrink tumors.  You can freshly grind your own by using a standard coffee grinder.

Hemp seeds – you already know hemp can save the world, and there are so many ways to get them into your diet.  Just pick any way you want and get it in there.

Pink Himalayan Salt – it has all the trace minerals we are deficient in (84-92 of them).  Many times if you try to go meatless, people will say they are “craving meat”.  Most of the time that is not the case.  You are craving the trace minerals that you previously got from the meat.  So pink sea salt can replace those minerals and keep you meat free!

Coconut – it’s the one food Magda would want when she is stranded on an island.  The coconut water is filled with electrolytes and the flesh is so healthy.  There’s so many uses for this versatile food

Kale – it is so packed with nutrition that it should be in your rotation.  It doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but experiment and find types of kale you like and then explore ways to be more in your diet.

2.  Thrive market is a wonderful resource for responsible food choices.  If you don’t have great choices in your local area, you should definitely check them out.  They won’t steer you wrong.

3.  Not every type of diet works for every body type.  Look into your Ayurvedic body type and eat according to that.  It will give you what is best for YOUR body.

4.  When you consider transitioning to a plant based diet, consider this:

  1. Think outside of ourselves and make the transition to “we”.
  2. Don’t overwhelm yourself with black and white thinking.  Allow yourself time to transition and be gentle with yourself.

5.  Starting your day with warm lemon water really gets your digestion going and it also helps balance your alkalinity.  It’s a great way to start the day.


Magda has an online course on conscious eating that you can sign up for.  We can’t wait to take the course because we know we will learn things we never knew!  The course is called Conscious Eating 101 and you can sign up for it here.


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