26: Healing Breast Cancer: A Survivor’s Story of Using Western & Alternative Methods – Part 1


“If I had to do it all over again, I would not choose chemotherapy.  I would choose the natural treatment and use Gerson therapy.” ~ Jill Tomback

Today’s episode tells the story of our friend, Jill Tomback who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25.  Jill  shares her story of getting the diagnosis, how she chose her treatment, the difficult decision to get a double mastectomy and ultimately how she healed her body.  One of the incredible things that you will hear Jill talk about is the toll that chemotherapy took on her body.  She was left weak and depleted, with virtually no immune system.


Jill underwent different types of chemo and radiation, and although she was able to aid in her recovery with acupuncture, she would never wish her side effects on anyone.  Jill has educated herself since her diagnosis and harrowing experience and is firm in her decision that she would never choose chemo or radiation again.  Instead, Jill says she would opt for Gerson Therapy.

Gerson therapy is illegal in the United States.  Jill even discussed this option with her Oncologist at one point, and all he could do is repeat this sentence.  “I am only allowed to recommend the types of treatment that we have discussed. ”  In probing further, Jill got very clear on the fact that despite the fact that Gerson Therapy has a higher success rate for cancer than chemo does, her Oncologist was completely prohibited from recommending that as an option.

If you have never heard of Gerson Therapy, essentially it is a full blown assault on cancer, in the same way that chemo is, but instead of using highly toxic drugs, it utilizes massive doses of fresh juice to flood the body with all the nutrients it needs to fight.  Then to remove the toxins from your body, coffee enemas would be used.  There are lots of resources available to educate yourself on Gerson Therapy below if you’d like to learn more.

Gerson Therapy Resources:


Hippocrates Institute

Success Stories


Adam Griffin, the incredible Acupuncturist who helped Jill: Acutonix.


Our Favorite Moments:

@4:55 – A Glimpse of “Allison the Roommate”!

@8:35 – The logistics of a mastectomy

@9:11 – Blue lymph node and a deli slicer – got it!

@13:55 – Jill is a one in a million…in the worst possible way!

@22:12 – If I had it to do again…no chemotherapy

@30:45 – Gerson Therapy explained

@37:21 – Coffee enema for the dog? Revolting

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