249: Transforming the Healthcare System and Achieving Your Health Goals with Meghan Nechrebecki


Let’s face it: being healthy these days is a real battle. We drive everywhere, we sit all day, we’re stressed and we eat a standard American diet. You know what’s adding to the problem? Our US healthcare system. It’s centered around sick care, giving little attention to preventative care, or helping people lead healthier lives so they don’t get sick in the first place. Plus, those patients looking for help with medical emergencies are either faced with the possibility of bankruptcy or don’t have the necessary information to make educated decisions about their treatment.


What we’re basically saying is…navigating the healthcare system can be a nightmare.


But one person is changing all that! Meet Meghan Nechrebecki, founder and CEO of Health Care Transformation, an organization with a #1 goal of improving health outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and empowering people to take control of their health.



Meghan was always passionate about healthcare. She wanted to be a doctor, but while doing her Master’s in public health, she saw the issues patients are faced with: lack of access, no information, un-affordable insurance. She decided not to be another cog in the machine. Rather, she hoped to fix the system from the inside. Instead of going to medical school, she began working with insurance companies, health startups and even the UCLA health system. In this training she saw more clearly than ever exactly how the healthcare system lets people down. She also spotted a huge opportunity for prevention – because many of the diseases we face can be avoided through lifestyle changes.


Her 6-Week Wellness Transformation Program gives people the tools they need to achieve health success, whatever that looks like to them. It’s entirely online, which makes it super easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. You’ll get access to a wellness coach, and modules cover everything from general nutrition, understanding calories, choosing the best ingredients, food quality, meal prep, sustainability over time, healthy habits and much, much more…


Meghan has also authored My Health Care Transformation Handbook, an absolutely gorgeous Tiffany blue handbook to take on your journey to better health. In there, you’ll find a ton of prevention-centered information:

  • Managing your clinical encounters
  • How to document your medication
  • What happens with hospital stays
  • Advance care planning
  • And all things health insurance. 


Going forward, healthcare will move in the right direction, thanks to people like Meghan who are working tirelessly to make the healthcare system fair, and health-focused. Big up, girlfriend. 😄


What you’ll learn in Episode 249:

  • How to access the best care for the best price
  • Who’s making bank off your health?
  • What’s behind our failing healthcare system?
  • The key to a healthy life
  • What you need to make journaling a success
  • One of the major questions you need to ask your doctor
  • What most people don’t know about end of life care
  • What kind of healthcare system should we vote for?
  • How health insurance works
  • Why universal coverage costs less
  • The cheapest ways to prevent disease


Our favorite moments:

@9:34 We have to figure it out

@16:00 It’s a battle being healthy

@20:05 I did not know how good I could feel

@37:45 I need to fix this!


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