246: Celebrity Health Coach Christine Lusita On How To Lose Weight Successfully & Effortlessly


Something happens whenever we start dieting…


…we get so busy following the latest fitness and diet trends that we completely lose sight of the single most important thing about successful weight loss: WHO WE ARE.


Maybe it’s time to throw away what you think you know about dieting. It is true that almost every diet and fitness trend can be a path to weight loss. But the real question remains….is that trend meant to be YOUR path?


If you’re struggling to lose weight, it may be as simple as following the wrong method for you.


Christine Lusita may be an expert on fitness and weight loss now, but she struggled with her weight since the age of 13. Finding her path towards health and fitness was a marathon. She was a yoyo dieter, going all in on the latest diet & fitness trend, only to burn out. It wasn’t until she found a plan that was just right for her that she truly connected with her health and her body (and dieting felt easier than ever!).



Now she helps other people sprint towards their wellness goals. Christine has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and regularly appears on morning shows to promote the latest food & fitness trends that could end up being perfect for you! She also coaches clients to help them realign and accept who they are. For those just starting their journey of weight loss and acceptance, she even has the book The Right Fit Formula, which delves deep into using fitness & health strategies as a way to reach the best version of yourself…NOT to get abs like J-Lo and hate your life…


The book also helps match a health regiment to your personality. Are you a – ?

  • Leader
  • Socializer
  • Supporter
  • Planter

Really knowing what you are (and are not) is crucial, because what type of workout “works” for one personality type doesn’t for another. And if you want to really feel good while you’re working out, check out Christine’s ‘8os inspired fitness brand What A Feeling Athletic Wear – that’s how Christine wants people to feel after a workout. Why the 1980s? Because that decade felt like a more innocent, up-beat time, especially when it came to fitness. Her new line complements every body type and brings a splash of color, and joy, to your workouts. We love it!


What you’ll learn in Episode 246:

  • The secret factor in abundant health
  • How your personality gets in the way of successful dieting
  • Can clearing your physical space help you lose weight?
  • What happened when Christine, Suzy and Allison met Mario Lopez
  • Why Christine is obsessed with the 1980s
  • A 3-minute activity that will completely shift your mood
  • What happens when you repress emotions
  • The number ONE cause of all diet failures
  • Christine’s A-HA moment
  • Alli’s tips to let go of perfectionism


Our favorite moments:

@2:23 You are the trend

@8:07 It’s all about being happy

@13:50 Expose yourself!

@19:55 Operation freedom

@33:09 Bomb dot com times a million

@39:48 What you resist persists

@44:08 You can be the best version of yourself


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