245: Veganize Your Wardrobe: The Future of Fashion is Cruelty-free, Sustainable and Ethical


We all love a good outfit. But fashion is cruel to animals, cruel to people and cruel to the planet. Especially luxury fashion, which is synonymous with fur, cashmere, leather, angora and silk.


Can fashion ever be compassionate? Thanks to Delikate Rayne now it can.


Meg and Komie were raised vegetarian. From a very young age they understood that animals are not here for food. Also from a young age, they loved nothing more than to customize their outfits. As they started shopping, they found it nearly impossible to find clothes they liked that were also cruelty-free. That’s why they created Delikate Rayne, a 100% vegan, sustainable, luxury clothing line made in LA. Their mission: to make a positive impact and give back through something people love – great fashion!



What’s so wrong with fast fashion anyway?

  1. The impact on animals – It’s a myth that fur and leather are by-products of the meat industry. There are actually animals raised specifically for their furs, where they are confined in tiny cages, tortured and slaughtered for their skin.
  2. The impact on the environment – Constantly changing trends mean there is an incredible amount of waste. The process of dying fabrics pollutes water.
  3. The social impact – If you’re paying $10 for a t-shirt, how much is the person who made it getting paid?


The solution? Go for a brand that is vegan, affordable, sustainable AND gorgeous… we love Delikate Rayne’s fashion range because it ticks all these boxes.


Meg and Komie’s tips for green shopping and living:

  • Keep a reusable bottle (have a few so you always have one to hand)
  • Shop in thrift stores (have a clear idea of what you want and then go search for it)
  • Buy high-quality timeless pieces rather than an abundance of cheap clothes
  • Host a fashion pot-luck evening and swap clothes with your friends


What you’ll learn in Episode 245:

  • How to inject compassion into your shopping routine
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed when you go cruelty-free
  • Strategies to veganize your wardrobe one step at a time
  • How fast fashion is destroying our ecosystems
  • The social impact of fast fashion
  • How Meg and Komie entered the fashion world without ever studying it
  • Meg and Komie’s secret to success


Our favorite moments:

@7:15 Cruelty-free closet

@28:57 Doing this on the side

@32:01 Secret to success

@35:15 Life happens when you get out of your comfort zone


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