247: Healing Lyme’s Disease Naturally and Transforming the Health System With Adrienne Nolan-Smith


Sometimes it takes a traumatic experience to make us WAKE UP and take health into our own hands.


That’s what happened to Adrienne. She was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease at just 11 years old. Back then, doctors didn’t know much about it, or even how to recognize it. Antibiotics weren’t working. But they rarely do, because Lyme’s disease is a spiral-shaped bacterium that confuses the body and can be complicated to heal.


But Adrienne’s mom did not give up. After two years, thanks to integrative medicine strategies like: 

  • whole foods diet
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Adrienne was free from symptoms!


Fast-forward to college, Adrienne began eating the normal student diet…and lost her periods. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her and told her to just go on the birth control pill. That wasn’t good enough for Adrienne. Again, she changed her diet, and again, food worked its magic. Her periods came back.


But it was a more traumatic event that made Adrienne want to become a board-certified patient advocate. Her mom suffered from severe mental health issues. She spent five years in and out of institutions, drugged up on anti-psychotics and other medications to counter the side effects, and eventually committed suicide.


Isn’t that the core problem with the health industry? Instead of looking at the patient and working out what might be causing the disease, doctors just throw pills at the problem. There’s no health freedom when holistic options are never even mentioned.



Adrienne knew from that moment on she needed to do something to change the medical system and help people wake up to the importance of diet and lifestyle.


So, just a year and a half ago, she launched WellBe, a content and learning platform dedicated to helping people prevent chronic health issues, or heal them if they arise. Check it out for in-depth articles, science wrap-ups and guides to prevent chronic health issues… including a Wine Guide. Or head to the WellBe store, where you can get natural lifestyle products tried and tested by Adrienne – including a must-have gadget for wine lovers.


What you’ll learn in Episode 247:

  • Why antibiotics don’t work against Lyme disease
  • What your body is trying to tell you if your periods stop
  • Why this is a critical time for mental health
  • How loneliness contributes to disease
  • Why tribespeople live longer, healthier lives
  • The key ingredient in longevity
  • The treatments that actually works to heal Lyme’s disease
  • The MUST-HAVE health & well-being product for wine lovers


Our favorite moments:

@2:40 All kinds of crazy treatments

@15:30 I can’t imagine keeping this to myself

@17:22 The whole country is medicated

@24:30 It’s so big brother

@37:38 It has to come from us

@43:35 I need this RIGHT NOW


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