244: Romance Mash Up – Our Best Clips About Love, Intimacy, Sex, And Relationships


What should you talk about when you talk about sex? Find out below!



The 5 Languages of Love with Leanne Linksy

What makes a relationship strong? It’s the little things. Going to the grocery store, taking out the trash. But the most important thing is to learn your partner’s love language. What’s your love language? For some, it’s physical affection. For others, the little gestures. Getting to know how you and your partner communicate love will help you become closer. Suzy, Alli and Leanne talk 5 Love Languages.


Best Foods For Sex With Jason Wrobel

The wine is flowing, the superfood chocolates come out, and we’re talking sex. Jason Wrobel – vegan chef and best-selling author of Eaternity, shares the secrets of how to eat for better sex. What would Jason cook for a first date? What foods improve blood flow and libido? For one, all foods containing magnesium – this is a mineral most people are deficient in (think raw chocolate, kombucha squash, and maca).


Harness Your Yoni Power With Elise Carr

Here’s to the sacred healing power of the Jade Egg. Elise Carr is a tantra practitioner, reiki master and artist. We’re talking yoni – the female sacred space. When you hold a jade egg in your yoni, you do more than just tone your pc muscles and make sex more pleasurable. It’s a powerful practice that supports your divine female energy and allows you to release any old negative energies.


First Date Horror Stories

Sometimes you date frogs before your perfect match comes along. Erica Mandy from the NewsWorthy and Laura Petersen from Copy That Pops tell their first date horror stories – insults, lateness, and accidents with artichokes.


Relationship Talk From an NBA Champion

John Salley shares his relationship philosophies. The difference between making out and having sex. What men really think. How to deal with your partner’s honesty. And how women make the decisions.


Opening Yourself Up To Love With Emunah Malinovitz

Emunah is on a mission to help us have more love in our lives. Authentic, juicy, connective, soulful love. How can we create sacred love that lasts? You have to start with you and the universe – the relationship will follow. There’s a whole buffet available, so don’t just settle for scraps.


Some of Emunah’s tips to welcome love into your life?

  • Let go of your fear of loving and of being loved
  • Create a safe space for love
  • Find love within yourself instead of seeking it from external sources
  • Take responsibility – are you attracting closed-hearted people into your life?


Picking Your Partner With JJ Flizanes and Michael Neely

It’s been found that most people choose their partner based on their parents or their parents’ relationship. Imago therapy is based on the theory that you pick your partner based on the wounds of your past, and helps you to unpick this so that you can heal your marriage… or pick a love that lasts.


Find Your Soulmate With Tracy Crossley

What’s the difference between soul groups and soulmates? Tracy believes we reincarnate, and have a soul group that we are connected to throughout time. You know that feeling when you have an instant rapport with someone? That’s because they’re part of your soul group. And it doesn’t have to be a lover, it can be a friend. So relax – because this means there’s more than just one single person out there for you!


How We Met Our Husbands With JJ Flizanes

Suzy met her husband online, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. In the beginning, she thought they would just be friends. They didn’t kiss until the fourth date… but what took time to blossom turned into a beautiful love story. Alli and her husband were neighbors, and friends. When he kissed her the first time, she told him never to do it again. But their relationship soon turned into true love… you’ll have to listen to the episode for the details!


How We Got Engaged With Sahara Rose

Sahara and Alli’s engagement stories. Proof that men can be super romantic when they put their mind to it!


Sexy Meditation With Danielle Mercurio

How to make your date feel really great? Guide them through a meditation. Danielle shares her Man Magnet Meditation to revolutionize your date nights.


Making Yourself Over With Kimberly Seltzer

Are you giving away your power through the clothes you choose to wear? Many of us do! We’re scared of being seen, we hide ourselves away in a cocoon of loose or dark clothes. The clothes we wear send out a message. So that means we can dress for love! Kimberly Seltzer shares how to make over your wardrobe, and your love life, with a little red dress.


What you’ll learn in Episode 244:

  • How to learn your partner’s love language
  • The sex-boosting mineral we’re all lacking
  • Foods and superfoods to eat for better sex
  • Jason’s sexy date menu
  • How to let go of emotional trauma
  • What jade egg practice can do for you
  • How to heal your heart and open yourself up to love
  • How to attract your perfect match
  • Why are you attracting the wrong partner?
  • How to clear the sacred intimate space with your partner
  • The only marriage therapy worth doing
  • Are you showing up for yourself in your relationship?
  • Why there’s more than just one soulmate out there for you
  • Alli’s incarnation story
  • How to teach your date a sexy meditation
  • Are your clothes preventing you from finding love?


Our favorite moments:

@5:19 Sexy dance with your socks on

@10:44 We’ve got sex on the brain

@19:35 My yoni is ready to talk femininity

@24:35 Wand of light

@1:43:19 The Man Magnet meditation

@1:52:45 Little red bullet


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