243: Free Yourself From Cravings and Overeating with Radical Weight Loss Expert David Zappasodi


Diets don’t work. Neither do New Year’s resolutions. (sorry…)


Why? Too many people believe that if you lose weight, you’ll transform your life. In fact, you need to transform your life first, then the weight loss will happen.


Alli was a healthy plant-based holistic salad eater by day…. and sugar junkie by night. Sugar addiction ruled her life. Nothing she tried ever worked. Until she met David Zappasodi. Now, her cravings for sugar have disappeared.


David Zappasodi has been a healthcare professional specializing in weight loss for over 20 years. He uses radical methods. Instead of coaching people to find their why, and motivating them to change their habits, he tells his clients to stop exercising and eat the junk foods they crave several times a day.


It sounds nuts. But…. IT WORKS.


How do you transform your life first? You have to focus on the struggles that are preventing the weight loss, and then focus on the weight loss itself. To do this, David uses three brain flips that tackle cravings, overeating, and exercising.



Brain Flip Cravings

Cravings are like bullies. You have to stand up to them in a way that lets them know you’re not going to be pushed around. Trying to avoid bullies, or fight them, doesn’t work long-term. It’s the same with your cravings. You might try avoiding your cravings, but that doesn’t work. Eventually the cravings win. Then you indulge and feel guilty. The only way to free yourself is to eat the food you crave… but eat it in a different pattern.


Think about it. You’ve resisted for so long, then finally you give in. In that moment when you indulge, there is pleasure. This is the core point where things need to change. If you create pain in the moment of indulgence, then you begin to flip your brain to eradicate your desire for that particular food. How? By creating a pain tool. This is a recording of what could go wrong in your life if you don’t solve this issue, which you listen to while you eat the food. Over time, you stop associating indulging with pleasure, and the cravings subside.


Brain Flip Overeating:

The way David tackles overeating is to get his clients to split their usual portion into two plates. You eat the first one normally, but you eat the second portion while listening to another pain tool, so you learn to associate being overfull with being in pain. 


Brain Flip Exercise:

AKA the “body brain flip”. Now that the cravings and overeating are dealt with, it’s time to reprogram your brain to look at exercise in a completely new way. David gets his clients to create a vision tool – the opposite to a pain tool. Imagine the best that could happen to you as you transform your health and lose the weight, and listen to that audio several times a day to really connect with the feeling of joy. This turns around your usual thinking about exercise being a chore, into something you’re excited to do! 


Want more? Go back to Episode 233, where David delves deep into how the brain flip method frees you of chaotic or compulsive eating.


David’s tips to reduce your cravings:

  • If you’re really struggling – schedule a free call with David at www.brainflipweightloss.com/talk
  • Increase the enjoyment of healthy foods – for example listen to great music when you eat them
  • Don’t eat healthy foods while you’re stressed – it will create a negative association.
  • Try not to let indulging in the cravings to de-stress you. Relax first, and then indulge.
  • Junk food should not be used as a reward – ask yourself “how can I reward myself without eating junk food?”
  • Join David’s Facebook support group


What you’ll learn in Episode 243:

  • How to stop compulsive over-eating
  • Why don’t resolutions work?
  • How to turn your addiction into your greatest strength
  • How long it takes to brain flip your cravings
  • How to make exercise enjoyable… even if you hate it right now
  • Does your sensory brain have the capacity to change your life?
  • How David is ‘brain-flipping’ global obesity
  • How we create what we are, not what we want
  • David’s tips to reduce your cravings
  • Are you doing it wrong? David’s tips for manifestation that actually work


Our favorite moments:

@2:39 The craziest thing that’s ever happened

@31:10 It’s such a drastic shift

@42:08 That’s the great thing about the sensory brain


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