239: Is Toxic Mold Destroying Your Health? Tips to Diagnose, Detox and Heal with Wholistic Health Boss Jenn Malecha


Could mold be affecting your health? Mold is a tricky thing. It’s affected people since the dawn of time – yet conventional medicine rarely addresses it.


But make no mistake: it is a serious issue. Mold produces mycotoxins that can drive up estrogen levels, overburden the body with toxicity and elevate inflammation – so if you’re sensitive to mold (25% of people have the gene that make them sensitive) other symptoms will appear, like frequent illness, more allergies, exhaustion and hormonal issues.


Jenn Malecha had a pretty healthy up-bringing – garden, vegetables, an active lifestyle. But when she got to college, the long hours and stress caused by studying and working crazy hours caused her health to decline. Then, at just 25 (and having never been a sun-worshipper), Jenn was diagnosed with skin cancer…


She knew it had to be caused by her environment and lifestyle. Functional tests revealed that she had high oxidative stress, a clogged-up liver, and adrenal dysfunction. So she tackled all those things, and felt like herself again…until five years later.  She began gaining weight, her periods were all over the place, she had candida overgrowth and inflamed breasts. She went to experts, who were unable to tell her what was going on.


One day later on she opened the cupboard near her work desk, and guess what? Black mold everywhere. The Toxic mold had been what devastated her health. Having understood what was causing these issues, she began rebalancing her health. She became the boss of her health instead of relying on doctors. She now empowers others to have that same connection with their body.



Here are some of the strategies she used to free her home and her body from mold:


Screen for Mold at Home:

  • Visual contrast screening – You can take the test for just $15
  • Even if you pass this test, take an at home microscopy mold test by Citrisafe. This is a small Petri dish that collects mold spores. Once sent to the lab, researchers will analyze the type of mold present in your home.
  • The other test is called an ERMI test and is available from Mycometrics . This is a cloth with which you dust surfaces around your house. The cloth is then analyzed for mold – this test can be good to do because, unlike the microscopy test, it doesn’t depend on the mold spores being alive.


Screen for Mold Toxicity:

  • Are you electrically charged all the time?
  • Are you urinating more frequently?
  • Nasal swab – order through a naturopathic doctor or functional practitioner.


Getting Rid of Mold:

  • Hire professionals to remove the mold (really important!)
  • Clean air ducts.
  • Buy anti-mold solution Bio-Balance. This is a natural toxin-free solution to remove mold from your home.
  • Get rid of mold on your carpet and your pets – products available at www.citrisafe.com.
  • After 30 days, retest your home for mold.
  • Get some functional tests done – if you’re sensitive to mold, it will trigger a chronic inflammatory response. 


Detox Your Body and Feed Yourself Right:

  • Biotoxins can make the body hyperreactive to wheat. So avoiding gluten is essential.
  • Eat more natural detoxifying foods like beets, dandelion tea, grapefruit, lemon.
  • Keep an anti-inflammatory diet – remove grains, dairy, soy, sugar, and processed foods from your diet.
  • Run a food sensitivity test to find out which foods to stay away from.
  • Check your personal care products – do they contain allergens like oats or almonds?
  • Start a food journal – this will help you identify what triggers your symptoms.
  • Listen to your body – tune in and see what the body is telling you rather than just trying to follow protocols.
  • Think yourself healthy – mindset and health are absolutely linked.
  • Meditate, feed your mind positive thoughts, give yourself enough sleep (leave your cell phone out of the bedroom).
  • Make time to switch off and relax.


Jenn now helps busy professionals take back control of their health by offering lab tests and resources that identify the missing piece of their health puzzle. With over a decade of personal training experience, Jenn creates personalized health-rebuilding programs for her clients that are realistic and achievable. Book a complimentary discovery call today!


What you’ll learn in Episode 239:

  • Is the sun really an enemy?
  • How Jenn reversed Hashimoto’s disease in 6 months
  • How you can be a “w”holistic health boss
  • What mold and electricity have in common
  • Why NOT to get the Home Depot mold test
  • Is it possible to get rid of mold without toxic chemicals?
  • What Lyme disease and mold have in common
  • The most powerful detoxifying foods
  • Why your toiletries might be stopping you from getting healthier
  • The role of mindset in recovery
  • The single most important thing you can do to allow your body to heal
  • The key difference between an allergy and an intolerance


Our favorite moments:

@11:02 Busting the sun myth

@37:45 Mold PTSD

@40:02 Gluten everywhere!

@1:02:02 That’s why meditation works


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