240: The Secrets to a Healthy Microbiome – How to Heal Your Gut and Heal Your Life with the Gut Health MD, Dr. B


You’re only 10% human. Yes, really.


Just over a decade ago, doctors believed there were around 200 species of bacteria living on and in the human body. We now know the facts…there are over 30,000 (!) species. In fact, we have a community of 100 TRILLION microorganisms in our gut. That is 10 times the number of human cells in the body. So yes…we’re 10% human, 90% bacteria!


The microbiome was once an unknown entity, but now science has shown it to be a game changer. It’s an integral part of our health, and if we can support it, we can thrive.


Because of the synergistic relationship with the microorganisms in our body – we need them to survive, and they need us. However, in the last century, we’ve stopped taking care of them. Our diets (the chemicals we use to process our food), environment (the chemicals we use to clean our homes), lifestyles (lack of sleep, lack of movement, stress), medications (antibiotics) – destroy the delicate microbiome we rely on for health.


Doctor Will Bulsiewicz (also known as Dr. B) is an internal medicine doctor and expert gastroenterologist. While his conventional medicine training did not include any nutrition study, science was emerging about the power of diet to treat gastrointestinal disease. So he began studying it in his own time and discovered the untapped potential of a healthy gut. Having witnessed amazing results with his patients, he decided to spread the word beyond his clinic. The Gut Health MD was born.



Believe it or not, but your gut:

  • Controls your metabolism and how you process your food. It dictates whether you gain weight, or lose weight, and how easy it is to maintain your weight.
  • Is in constant communication with your immune system.
  • Regulates your mood and impulses – 95% of serotonin (your happy hormone) is produced in the gut.


What can you do to heal your gut?

  • Eat a wide variety of plants – the more different plants you eat, the healthier your microbiome.
  • Unless you have an allergy, don’t blanket-eliminate foods from your diet – taking out foods reduces your diet’s variety and therefore your gut’s microbiome.
  • Get proper sleep, exercise and water each day.
  • Avoid dairy, meat and processed foods – these damage your microbiome.
  • Fasting gives your gut a break and strengthens your microbiome.
  • Check out the American Gut Project. If you go to their website, they will send you a kit. Give them a stool sample, fill out a survey about your lifestyle, and for just $99 they will tell you what your microbiome looks like.


What you’ll learn in Episode 240:

  • What volcanos and our guts have in common (this will blow your mind)
  • Is gut health to blame for autoimmune conditions?
  • What your gut does for your brain and mood
  • Can you be born with gut issues?
  • How to make sure your kids grow up with a healthy gut
  • The supercharged probiotics you create yourself
  • Why breast milk is best
  • How long you should breast-feed
  • What happens when you take antibiotics (your jaw will drop)
  • The link between gut health and urinary tract infections
  • What happens to your gut after just 5 days on antibiotics
  • The single predictor of a healthy gut
  • How quickly you can heal your digestive system
  • Why elimination is not the solution when it comes to food intolerances
  • Three of the most powerful foods for a healthy gut
  • The benefits of being vegan over being a vegetarian


Our favorite moments:

@15:20 What we discovered blew our minds

@17:10 Am I an alien?

@40:04 Your gut will never be the same

@1:10:15 Drop the mic!


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